Saturday, June 30, 2007

One Embarrassing Chapter After Another

Chavez rallies troops to 'prepare for war with US'

25/06/2007 - 7:37:02 AM

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has urged soldiers to prepare for a guerrilla-style war against the United States.

He said the US government is using psychological and economic warfare as part of an unconventional campaign aimed at derailing his government.

Dressed in olive green fatigues and a red beret, Chavez spoke yesterday inside Tiuna Fort – Venezuela’s military nerve-centre – before hundreds of uniformed soldiers standing alongside armoured vehicles and tanks decorated with banners reading: “Fatherland, Socialism, or Death! We will triumph!”

“We must continue developing the resistance war, that’s the anti-imperialist weapon. We must think and prepare for the resistance war everyday,” said Chavez, who has repeatedly warned that American soldiers could invade Venezuela to seize control of the South American nation’s immense oil reserves.

US officials reject claims that Washington is considering a military attack. But the US government has expressed concern over what it perceives as a significant arms built-up here.

Chavez – a close ally of Cuban leader Fidel Castro – told soldiers that Washington was trying to weaken and divide Venezuelan society, including the armed forces, without resorting to combat.

“It’s not just armed warfare,” said Chavez, a former army officer who is leading what he calls the “Bolivarian Revolution”, a socialist movement named after 19th-century independence hero Simon Bolivar. “I’m also referring to psychological warfare, media warfare, political warfare, economic warfare.” continued →

The Mother of All Bubbles In Credit

Richard Martin,
Health Sentinel, May 8, 2007,

The real estate market is crashing faster than anyone had anticipated. Housing prices have fallen in 17 of 20 of the nation's largest cities and the trend lines indicate that the worst is yet to come. March sales of new homes plummeted by a record 23.5% (year over year) removing all hope for a quick rebound. Problems in the subprime and Alt-A loans are mushrooming in previously "hot markets" resulting in an unprecedented number of foreclosures. The defaults have slowed demand for new homes and increased the glut of houses already on the market. This is putting additional downward pressure on prices and profits. More and more builders are struggling just to keep their heads above water. This isn't your typical 1980s-type "correction"; it's a full-blown real estate cyclone smashing everything in its path.

Tremors from the real estate earthquake won't be limited to housing-they will rumble through all areas of the economy including the stock market, financial sector and currency trading. There is simply no way to minimize the effects of a bursting $4.5 trillion equity bubble.

The next shoe to drop will be the stock market which is still flying-high from increases in the money supply. The Federal Reserve has printed up enough fiat-cash to keep overpriced equities jumping for joy for a few months longer. But it won't last. Wall Street's credit bubble is even bigger than the housing bubble---a monstrous, lumbering dirigible that's headed for the cliff. The Dow is like a drunk atop a 13,000 ft cliff; inebriated on the Fed's cheap "low-interest" liquor. One wrong step and he'll plunge headlong into the ether.

The stock market cheerleaders are "ooooing" and "ahhing" the Dow's climb to 13,000, but it's all a sham. Wall Street is just enjoying the last wisps of Greenspan's helium swirling into the largest credit bubble in history. But there's trouble ahead. In fact, the storm clouds have already formed over the housing market. The subprime albatross has lashed itself to everything in the economy ---dragging down consumer confidence, GDP and (eventually) the stock market, too. No one will be spared.

So why the stock market keep hitting new highs? continued →

A Relative Advantage: Sociology of the San Francisco Bohemian Club

Secret Government - 1947 National Security Act

Bill Moyer's 1987 scathing critique of the criminal subterfuge carried out by the Executive Branch of the United States Government to carry out operations which are clearly contrary to the wishes and values of the American people. The ability to exercise this power with impunity is facilitated by the National Security Act of 1947. The thrust of the exposé is the Iran-Contra arms and drug-running operations which flooded the streets of our nation with crack cocaine. The significance of the documentary is probably greater today in 2007 than it was when it was made. We now have a situation in which these same forces have committed the most egregious terrorist attack on US soil and have declared a fraudulent so-called "War on Terror".
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Bayer Knowingly Sells AIDs Infected Medcine

Study Claims Iraq's 'Excess' Death Toll Has Reached 655,000

By David Brown
Washington Post Staff Writer

10/11/06 "Washington Post" -- -- A team of American and Iraqi epidemiologists estimates that 655,000 more people have died in Iraq since coalition forces arrived in March 2003 than would have died if the invasion had not occurred.

The estimate, produced by interviewing residents during a random sampling of households throughout the country, is far higher than ones produced by other groups, including Iraq's government.

It is more than 20 times the estimate of 30,000 civilian deaths that President Bush gave in a speech in December. It is more than 10 times the estimate of roughly 50,000 civilian deaths made by the British-based Iraq Body Count research group.

The surveyors said they found a steady increase in mortality since the invasion, with a steeper rise in the last year that appears to reflect a worsening of violence as reported by the U.S. military, the news media and civilian groups. In the year ending in June, the team calculated Iraq's mortality rate to be roughly four times what it was the year before the war.

Of the total 655,000 estimated "excess deaths," 601,000 resulted from violence and the rest from disease and other causes, according to the study. This is about 500 unexpected violent deaths per day throughout the country. continued →

Friday, June 29, 2007

Think psychiatrists don't know their drugs cause violence? Think again.

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In 1991, CCHR brought evidence before the FDA.

Daily Show: Lewis Black Exposes Right Wing Media Paranoia

Lewis Black goes to town on the “liberal media” paranoia that pervades the right-wing and leads them to do things like counter the “biased” Wikipedia with Conservapedia — which has a quite unique definition of homosexuality.
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Aspartame found to cause cancer

A new study on aspartame conducted by the Ramazzini Foundation reveals that aspartame causes a dose-dependent increase in cancers (lymphomas, leukemias and breast cancers) when consumed at levels approaching those consumed by humans in diet soft drinks. Specifically, the study shows (reprinted from the abstract): continued →

First Nations in Canada - Long Train of Abuse

Long Train of Abuses takes a look at the issues that First Nations in Canada are experiencing. We also take a look back at the blockades and confrontations of the past between Canada and The First Nations People.
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"This Is Just A Ride."

Thursday, June 28, 2007

In God's Name We Kill

WARNING a disturbing view of war spun by religious propaganda and hate

Refuse to be "Chipped"

The government is going to try to pass a law that everyone must need a microchip called the Verichip implanted in all of us. The Verichip company says it's for safety reasons, but really, it is an invasion of our freedom and identity. Say NO to the verichip!

Government of Occupation

Promo piece for Derrick Jensen's new books "Endgame" Volume's 1 and 2

Departmend of Defence, Civil Disturbance Plan 55-2, codenamed Operation Garden Plot

Operation Garden Plot is about putting down popular protest. This is a battle for the hearts and minds of a complacent public every bit as much as it is a battle for global domination and control of the worlds resources."

The military/police is preparing for a new kind of war against civilian populations to protect the elites as the world resources become ever more scarce.

9/11 Giuliani Says Gas Not Responsible for Explosions

This clip is from Fox News on September 11, 2001, and is from a Press Conference given by Mayor Giuliani. In the clip, Mayor Giuliani states that he does not believe gas is responsible for the explosions being reported, and emphasizes that the gas has been turned off.


Joe Bannister explains in a interveiw the 2 year investigation he did, resulted in the IRS forcing him to resign

When terrorist attacks and wargames coincide

On more than one occasion there have been war games or military exercises regarding terrorist attacks that coincide in time, location and methods with actual terrorist attacks that have taken place.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Fischerspooner: We Need a War

9/11 Victims’ Mother: Giuliani is Part of the Problem

Mick Meaney
RINF Alternative News

Growing criticism of Rudy Giuliani is reaching breaking point with even more victims’ families speaking out against his ill gotten gains from the tragic events of 9/11 including his continuous profiteering, his repeated lying and complete “incompetence”.

Sally Regenhard, whose fire-fighter son was among the 343 FDNY killed during the false flag terrorist attacks in New York, said: “If Rudolph Giuliani was running on anything but 9/11, I would not speak out, If he ran on cleaning up Times Square, getting rid of squeegee men, lowering crime - that’s indisputable.

“But when he runs on 9/11, I want the American people to know he was part of the problem,” said the grieving mother.

In 2004 Sally Regenhard made the famous statement to Giuliani: “My son was murdered because of your incompetence,” during a commission hearing in Manhattan.

Head of the Uniformed Fire Officers Association, Peter Gorman said: “We want America to know what this guy meant to New York City fire-fighters. In our experiences with this man, he disrespected us in the most horrific way.”

Some of the complaints by victims’ family members include the fact that still, more than 5 years after the attacks, body parts are still being found at ground zero. Before leaving office Giuliani reduced the number of fire-fighters and ordered a “scoop and dump” method for searching for remains, outraging fire-fighters and family members alike. continued →

Feds may probe ill 9/11 workers who went to Cuba in film

Newhouse News Service

After suffering more than five years of health problems related to his volunteer work at Ground Zero, Maywood, N.J., resident Bill Maher felt he had nothing to lose joining documentarian Michael Moore on a sneak trip to Cuba for medical treatment, captured on film in the new movie Sicko.

Maher knew he was taking a risk journeying to the communist country with the controversial director, but he didn't think he was breaking any laws.

He was surprised to learn last week that, for violating travel restrictions, he and two other 9/11 responders featured in the picture are under investigation by the Treasury Department, which is building a case against Moore.

"We were traveling for journalistic purposes," said Maher, 54. "I never even thought about any kind of legal restrictions."

Maher believes the government is pursuing the case for political reasons, persecuting Moore because of his leftist views.

continued →

Could Barbara Olson Have Made Those Calls?

An Analysis of New Evidence about Onboard Phones

David Ray Griffin and Rob Balsamo

Prefatory Note: When we, in this jointly authored article, need to refer to only one of us, the appropriate initials---DRG or RB--are used.

06/26/07 - Did American Airlines 77---the flight that, according to the official conspiracy theory about 9/11, struck the Pentagon---have onboard phones? This question is relevant to the possible truth of the official theory, because Ted Olson, who was then the US Solicitor General, claimed that his wife, Barbara Olson, called him twice from this flight using an onboard phone.

He did, to be sure, waver on this point. CNN, which mentioned in a story posted just before midnight on 9/11 that Barbara Olson had used a cell phone to call her husband, reported in a more extensive treatment, posted at 2:06 AM (EDT) on September 12, that Ted Olson had told it that his wife “called him twice on a cell phone from American Airlines Flight 77.”1 But on September 14, Olson said on Hannity & Colmes (Fox News) that she had called collect and therefore must have been using the “airplane phone”---because, he surmised, “she somehow didn’t have access to her credit cards.”2 On CNN’s Larry King Show later that same day, however, Olson returned to his first version. After saying that the second call from her suddenly went dead, he surmised that this was perhaps “because the signals from cell phones coming from airplanes don’t work that well.”3 On that same day, moreover, Tony Mauro, the Supreme Court correspondent for American Lawyer Media, published an account saying that Barbara Olson “was calling on her cell phone from aboard the jet.”4 Two months later, however, Ted Olson returned to the second version of his story. In the “Barbara K. Olson Memorial Lecture” delivered to the Federalist Society, he said that she used “a telephone in the airplane to [make] those two telephone [calls].”5 This second version was repeated in March 2002. “[C]alling collect,” he told the London Daily Telegraph, his wife “us[ed] the phone in the passengers’ seats.” She called collect, he again surmised, because “she didn’t have her purse” and hence her credit card.6

continued →

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Mineta's Testimony on Cheney Confirmed by 911 Truth Seattle

Cheney's apparent intercept counter-order for Pentagon reconfirmed by Norm Mineta. No witnesses to non-planes made available - that could've proved embarrassing.


Rep John Larson Big-Ups Ron Paul on House Floor

Bill Maher:Project for the New American Century and Ron Paul

ZEITGEIST - The Revolution Is NOW!

Join The Revolution
It will not be televised


Whitman on hot seat over 9/11 aftermath

Associated Press Writer
Mon Jun 25, 11:13 PM ET

WASHINGTON - Ex-EPA chief Christie Whitman was bombarded by boos and a host of accusations Monday at a hearing into her assurances that it had been safe to breathe the air around the fallen World Trade Center.

The confrontation between the former head of the Environmental Protection Agency and her critics grew heated at times. Some members of the audience shouted in anger, only to be gaveled down by Rep. Jerrold Nadler, D-N.Y., who chaired the hearing.

For three hours Whitman faced charges from Nadler and others that the Environmental Protection Agency's public statements after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks gave people a false sense of safety. continued →

Monday, June 25, 2007

Flight 77: The Flight Data Recorder Investigation Files

Calum Douglas presents his investigation into the flight data recorder from Flight 77 to an audience at the Indian YMCA in Fitzroy Square, London on 8th June 2007.
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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Overcoming People's Psychological Resistance To 911 Truth

A presentation by Ken Jenkins on people's inherent resistance to learning the truth about 9/11, and how to get beyond that.
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Lou Dobbs - North American Union Flag

Ron Paul - New World Order and NAU

Teaching people about the North American Union

NAU and the break down of America

Shocking Awful - Real Face of Occupation

Bin Laden may have arranged for family to flee US

Jun 21, 2007

Osama bin Laden may have chartered a plane that carried his family members and Saudi nationals out of the United States after the September 11, 2001 attacks, according to Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) documents.

The papers, obtained through the Freedom of Information Act, were made public by Judicial Watch, a Washington-based group that investigates government corruption.

One FBI document referred to a Ryan Air 727 airplane that departed Los Angeles International Airport on September 19 2001, which was said to have carried Saudi nationals out of the United States.

"The plane was chartered either by the Saudi Arabian royal family or Osama bin Laden," according to the document, which was among 224 pages posted online.

The flight made stops in Orlando, Florida; Washington, DC; and Boston, Massachusetts and eventually left its passengers in Paris the following day.

In all, the documents detail six flights between September 14 and September 24 that evacuated Saudi nationals and bin Laden family members, Judicial Watch said.

"Not a single Saudi national nor any of the bin Laden family members possessed any information of investigative value," Judicial Watch said in a statement. continued →

SF Truth Action on CBS 5

A direct result of our demonstrations outside CBS News. Please drop Manny Ramos a line and urge him to follow up with Richard Gage of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth:

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

911 WTC7 CBS Breakthrough 6-07

In Chico, CA Robert Bowman Patriots Tour speaking event went pretty well. Not only did more people attend than we thought we were going to get (140+), but one of the local news channels showed up and did a report, resulting in the WTC 7 collapse videos being shown to thousands of people on the 11:00 nightly news.

New 9/11 Study Has Direct Links To Government, Pentagon Black Ops

Independent" study financed by Feds

Steve Watson
Prison Planet
Friday, June 22, 2007

A newly released Purdue University animation showing how fire caused the collapse of the World Trade Center towers on 9/11 claims to be independent but in reality has been federally funded and was conducted by individuals with direct links to the Pentagon and the White House.

Earlier this week we covered the news that the new study roughly correlates with the findings of the 2005 National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) report and supports the official line that the airplanes stripped away crucial fireproofing material and that the weakened towers collapsed under their own weight.

While the New York Times today lauds the study as "a counterpoint to the conspiracy theories promulgated by such outspoken figures as Rosie O’Donnell", has actually done some research into the origins of the study. continued →

Message To The Anti-War Activist

Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Tulsa Race Riot

By Scott Ellsworth

History does not take place in a vacuum.

Historical events, be they great or small, do not exist in isolation, but are a product of the age during which they occurred. Often times, the reasons why a particular historical incident turned out the way it did can be readily located, while for others, the causes may be more difficult to locate. In both cases, one rule still holds true: that the events of the past cannot be separated from the era when they occurred.

The same applies to the Tulsa race riot as well. To understand the riot, one cannot begin with the first shot that was fired, nor even with the seemingly insignificant chain of events that led to the first signs of real trouble. Rather, we must begin with the spirit of the times. Only seeing the world as Tulsans did in 1921, and by grasping both their passions and their fears, can we comprehend not only how this great tragedy could occur, but why, in the end, that it did.

Of all the qualities that impressed out-of-town visitors about Tulsa in the days before the race riot, one of them was just how new and up-to-date everything seemed. From the modern office buildings that were rising up out of downtown, to the electric trolleys that rumbled back and forth along Main Street, to the rows of freshly painted houses that kept pushing the city limits further and further into the surrounding countryside, compared to other cities, Tulsa was nothing short of an overnight sensation. Indeed, Tulsa had grown so much and so fast -- in a now-you-don't-see-it, now-you-do kind of fashion -- that local boosters called it the Magic City. continued →

9/11 A Day Of Unbelievable Negligence

Fake Dem-Rep Opposition

If Democrats truly opposed Republicans, this timeline would not exist
If the mass media informed us, this web page would not be needed.

1941 - December 7: Pearl Harbor - dilemma for U.S. fascists

When the Japanese military successfully attacked Pearl Harbor, that meant trouble for certain Americans who did not want to see U.S. military might used against Nazi Germany, with whom they sympathized.

But once the U.S. declared war on Japan, Germany declared war on the USA. At that point, Americans who had been doing business with Germany had what should have been an easy decision to make...

1942 - July 30: The Story Breaks - "Hitler's Angel"

The article was published in the New York Herald-Tribune, under the headline "Hitler's Angel Has $3 Million in U.S. Bank". It informed the American people that certain U.S. banking interests were helping to finance the German war machine while the U.S. was at war with Germany! Though not named in the article, Skull & Bones member Prescott Bush, in association with George Herbert Walker, whose daughter he'd married, had sought to conceal his managing role in a financial alliance with German industrialist Fritz Thyssen, who'd personally funded Adolf Hitler's rise to power.

3 generations of traitorous Bushes
continued →

US forces burn Taliban bodies

After soldiers of a US 173rd Airborne company burn the bodies of two "Taliban" killed near the Pakistan border, members of the army's psychological warfare unit then broadcast an inflammatory message designed to taunt and bait the enemy.

Pearl Harbor and 9/11 According to Webster Tarpley

This is the first of a three part series on 9/11 Truth and Pearl Harbor as there are many interpertations of that even going around. In this part Webster Tarpley sets the stage to understand the secret government.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Go F*ck Yourself Mr. Cheney

Mar 1963 Cheney receives 1st student deferment from Viet Nam
July 63 - 2nd student deferment
Oct 64 - 3rd student deferment
May 65 Graduates college with 1-A draft status
July 65 Johnson doubles number of men drafted
Nov 65 Cheney receives 4th deferment from Nam
Oct 65 Ban lifted on drafting married men without children
Jan 66 His wife is 10 weeks pregnant. Cheney receives "hardship" exemption excluding men with children
Jan 67 Cheney turns 26 and was no longer eligible for the draft

Dick Cheney is a ROGUE NATION

Cheney is apparently above the law, did you know that?

The CIA's Family Jewels

Agency Violated Charter for 25 Years,
Wiretapped Journalists and Dissidents

CIA Announces Declassification of 1970s "Skeletons" File,
Archive Posts Justice Department Summary from 1975,
With White House Memcons on Damage Control

Edited by Thomas Blanton
June 21, 2007

The Central Intelligence Agency violated its charter for 25 years until revelations of illegal wiretapping, domestic surveillance, assassination plots, and human experimentation led to official investigations and reforms in the 1970s, according to declassified documents posted today on the Web by the National Security Archive at George Washington University.

CIA director Gen. Michael Hayden announced today that the Agency is declassifying the full 693-page file amassed on CIA's illegal activities by order of then-CIA director James Schlesinger in 1973--the so-called "family jewels." Only a few dozen heavily-censored pages of this file have previously been declassified, although multiple Freedom of Information Act requests have been filed over the years for the documents. Gen. Hayden called the file "a glimpse of a very different time and a very different Agency." The papers are scheduled for public release on Monday, June 25.

"This is the first voluntary CIA declassification of controversial material since George Tenet in 1998 reneged on the 1990s promises of greater openness at the Agency," commented Thomas Blanton, the Archive's director. continued →

The CIA's torture teachers

Psychologists helped the CIA exploit a secret military program to develop brutal interrogation tactics -- likely with the approval of the Bush White House.

By Mark Benjamin

June 21, 2007 | WASHINGTON -- There is growing evidence of high-level coordination between the Central Intelligence Agency and the U.S. military in developing abusive interrogation techniques used on terrorist suspects. After the Sept. 11 attacks, both turned to a small cadre of psychologists linked to the military's secretive Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape program to "reverse-engineer" techniques originally designed to train U.S. soldiers to resist torture if captured, by exposing them to brutal treatment. The military's use of SERE training for interrogations in the war on terror was revealed in detail in a recently declassified report. But the CIA's use of such tactics -- working in close coordination with the military -- until now has remained largely unknown.

According to congressional sources and mental healthcare professionals knowledgeable about the secret program who spoke with Salon, two CIA-employed psychologists, James Mitchell and Bruce Jessen, were at the center of the program, which likely violated the Geneva Conventions on the treatment of prisoners. The two are currently under investigation: Salon has learned that Daniel Dell'Orto, the principal deputy general counsel at the Department of Defense, sent a "document preservation" order on May 15 to the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and other top Pentagon officials forbidding the destruction of any document mentioning Mitchell and Jessen or their psychological consulting firm, Mitchell, Jessen and Associates, based in Spokane, Wash. Dell'Orto's order was in response to a May 1 request from Sen. Carl Levin, the Democratic chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, who is investigating the abuse of prisoners in U.S. custody. continued →

Abu Ghraib Cover-up About to Explode

Brent Budowsky

Gen. Antonio Taguba is one of America’s most respected senior officers, was put in charge of the Abu Ghraib investigation, and has now leveled a series of powerful public charges that will soon blow this case sky-high.

Gen. Taguba went public early this week in long on-the-record interviews with Sy Hersh reported in his New Yorker piece now on newsstands.

Among other things, Taguba says:

1. He was ordered not to investigate higher-ups in the chain of command, which means there was (is) a cover-up protecting the highest-ranking Bush administration officials who might have criminal liability.

2. Early in his investigation he was threatened with career retribution if he dared to seek the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

3. After his investigation he was punished by being forced into early retirement.

4. He suggests that Don Rumsfeld might have lied when he testified before Congress, which would be a criminal offense.

5. He details meetings in which Rumsfeld spoke to him in terms that were sarcastic, rude and unprofessional shortly before Rumsfeld would publicly say how much he supported the investigation and wanted the truth to come out. continued →

Bin Laden may have arranged family's US exit: FBI docs

Osama bin Laden may have chartered a plane that carried his family members and Saudi nationals out of the United States after the September 11, 2001 attacks, said FBI documents released Wednesday.
The papers, obtained through the Freedom of Information Act, were made public by Judicial Watch, a Washington-based group that investigates government corruption.

One FBI document referred to a Ryan Air 727 airplane that departed Los Angeles International Airport on September 19, 2001, and was said to have carried Saudi nationals out of the United States.

"The plane was chartered either by the Saudi Arabian royal family or Osama bin Laden," according to the document, which was among 224 pages posted online.

The flight made stops in Orlando, Florida; Washington, DC; and Boston, Massachusetts and eventually left its passengers in Paris the following day.

In all, the documents detail six flights between September 14 and September 24 that evacuated Saudi nationals and bin Laden family members, Judicial Watch said in a statement.

"Incredibly, not a single Saudi national nor any of the bin Laden family members possessed any information of investigative value," Judicial Watch said.

"These documents contain numerous errors and inconsistencies which call to question the thoroughness of the FBI's investigation of the Saudi flights. continued →

Man Jailed for Email

Thursday, June 21, 2007

9/11 Florida Connection

Daniel Hopsicker interview with Mohamed Atta's girl friend

FIAT EMPIRE - the Federal Reserve Is Unconstitutional

This Telly Award-winning documentary on the Federal Reserve System was inspired by the well-known book, "The Creature From Jekyll Island" by G. Edward Griffin, and features presidential candidate, RON PAUL.

Webster Tarpley's - WHO ARE THE NEOCONS

State Treasurer Thomas Ravenel indicted on federal charges of conspiracy to distribute crack cocaine

· The State
06/19/07 - 5:14 PM

State Treasurer Thomas Ravenel has been indicted on federal charges of conspiracy to distribute crack cocaine, federal and state authorities announced at a news conference at SLED headquarters this afternoon.
The Charleston Republican raised millions of dollars to unseat long-term Democratic incumbent Grady Patterson in November.

Ravenel, 44, is a millionaire real estate developer and the son of Arthur Ravenel Jr., a powerful South Carolina politician who served in the General Assembly and the U.S. House.

As treasurer, Ravenel is responsible for handling the stateís finances and investments. He also holds a seat on the powerful State Budget and Control Board, which controls much of the state bureaucracy. His salary is $92,007. original article

Becoming an Inconvenient Resistance

No more status quo!! What are you doing to inconvenience and disrupt this system that's strangling us? Have you moved your mortgage from Citibank yet? Have you taken your insurance away from companies underwritten by AIG? Have you bought a bus pass, supported a local merchant instead of big box stores, boycotted faux media and told them why, supported local farmers, participated in the National "We're Not Buyin' It" boycott?

And what about your time? Are you calling your Senators and Representative once every day to demand impeachment and a real 9/11 investigation? Is a six to eight minute sacrifice of your time worth making these three calls to demand representation from your Representatives? Make your voice heard now!

Are you wondering how to make even more of a difference with your money? The 911truth e-store has just secured ten different audio CDs from Catherine Austin Fitts' amazing collection of valuable materials to help us "navigate the Tapeworm Economy." They will become available at the store (audio CDs page) tomorrow, and we are offering a 10% discount to the first 50 orders of these materials, placed by newsletter subscribers! Please enter "tapewormspecial" in the coupon code when you place your online order. For those of you who prefer not to use online ordering systems and credit cards, instructions for mailing with a check or money order are now at the store.

Jersey Girls Deliver Petitions, Request Support

September 11th Advocates
Regarding Declassification and Release of Documents

June 18, 2007

The Public's Right to Know - Declassification and Release of Documents petition (petition.html) surpassed 15,000 signatures. As promised, we have hand delivered it to lawmakers in Washington, DC.


Recently, during our meetings with lawmakers, we discussed the declassification and release of all transcripts and documents relating to the July 10, 2001 meeting that took place between former CIA Director George Tenet and then National Security Advisor, Condoleezza Rice, the redacted 28 pages of the Joint Inquiry Into The Terrorist Attacks of September 11, 2001 (JICI) and the CIA Inspector General’s report, “CIA Accountability With Respect To The 9/11 Attacks”, as mentioned in the Petition.

Almost six years have passed since September 11, 2001, yet critical information continues to be withheld from the American public regarding the attacks. Included in this statement is an “Action Alert” and background information explaining the importance of transparency in our government.

Since there is currently active legislation (Wyden-Bond Amendment attached to bill #S.4) regarding the CIA Inspector General’s Report, we decided, for the moment, to focus our attention on this particular document.

After reviewing the evidence produced by the Joint Inquiry of Congress into the 9/11 Attacks, both Republican and Democratic Congressmen agreed that a CIA Inspector General review into individual responsibility was necessary. Faced with the facts, these Congressmen understood that accountability in the Intelligence Community was crucial. Their intent was that a final declassified CIA/IG report was to be released to the public and where deemed appropriate by the report, for personnel at all levels to be held accountable for any omission, commission, or failure to meet professional standards in regard to the events of September 11, 2001. Americans have the right to know that competent people are serving them in these strategic positions - our safety depends on it.

Once again, we need your help to get this declassified report released as soon as possible!!

**** ACTION ALERT ****

Please call and/or fax the following people. Tell them it is of the utmost importance to the future safety of the American public that the CIA Inspector General's Report on September 11th be released immediately!

click for list

No E-Mail Searches Without Warrants, Federal Judge Says

The 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals found that e-mail users have a reasonable expectation that their stored e-mail will be as private as a telephone call.

By K.C. Jones
Jun 19, 2007 05:20 PM

Government investigators cannot obtain and search e-mail stored by e-mail service providers unless they have a warrant, according to a new court ruling.

The 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals found that e-mail users have a reasonable expectation that their stored e-mail will be as private as a telephone call. The court issued the ruling Monday.

The government has routinely obtained stored e-mail from service providers without a warrant, citing the Stored Communications Act. The court found that the practice violates the U.S. Constitution's Fourth Amendment. continued →

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Ron Paul Speaks at PHX Airport

full view
Ron Paul spoke with a gathering of supporters while in Phoenix, AZ (Sky Harbor Airport)

9/11 Flight 93 Rare Footage

Ultra-rare news footage from the crash site of United Flight 93 which has never been seen again since 9/11.

9/11 Commission Report bars 503 1st responder eyewitnesses

Within a month of 9/11, NYC fire commissioner Thomas Von Essen, a 30-year NYFD vet, set up interviews with fire, port authority police and EMT first responders to record their initial impressions of what they experienced on Sept 11.
The stories of 503 men and women ran to 12,000 pages. Graeme MacQueen, a recently retired religious studies professor, read them all. In addition to the heartrending nature of many of the stories, the consistent theme was of hearing, feeling and seeing explosions, a controlled demolition. Failure to officially acknowledge this evidence is further proof of an inside job. MacQueen (McMaster University, Ontario, Canada) narrowed down the testimony of 118 first responders as especially court-worthy testimony. But he notes the entire testimony was excluded by the 9/11 Commission, as well as the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

9/11 Bombshell: WTC7 Security Official Details Explosions Inside Building

Says bombs were going off in 7 before either tower collpased

Steve Watson
Prison Planet
Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Alex Jones show today welcomed Loose Change creators Dylan Avery and Jason Burmas to discuss an exclusive interview they have conducted with an individual with high level security clearance who was inside the Office of Emergency Management in World Trade Center 7 and has descibed and detailed explosions inside the building prior to the collapse of any of the buildings at ground zero on 9/11.

The interview, to be featured in the forthcoming Final Cut of Loose Change is currently under wraps but the creators have allowed some details to leak purely to protect themselves and the individual involved who has asked to remain anonymous until the film is released.

We can reveal that the individual concerned was asked to report to building seven with a city official after the first attack on the North tower but before the second plane hit the South Tower and before their eventual collapse, in order to provide the official with access to different floors of the building.

The city official he was escorting was attempting to reach Rudy Guiliani, who he had determined was inside building 7 at that time. According to Avery and Burmas this official now works for Guiliani partners.

The individual was also asked to provide access to the Office Of Emergency Management on the 23rd floor of the building, this was the so called "bunker" that was built inside WTC7 on the orders of Rudy Guiliani.

John Perkins - Confessions of an Economic Hit Man

Mr. Perkins was recruited by the NSA to strongarm countries into doing the bidding of the U.S. If he was unable to convince the country's leader to comply, then that leader would be assassinated. Hugo Chavez has been unwilling to comply with the leverage or bribery tactics of the U.S. We simply ask you the viewer, "Who is the bigger threat to world peace and stability?"
John is interviewed by

Migrant workers held in factory in slave-like conditions

In Shanxi, son of local Communist Party boss forces 32 migrant workers to work 20 years a day without pay, on a bread and water diet, without clean clothes, shoes or a chance to wash, guarded by men and dogs. One dies from injuries suffered because he was too slow at work. Police arrest wrongdoers.

Beijing (AsiaNews/Agencies) – A migrant worker was beaten to death and 31 others held captive and forced to work almost as slaves in an unlicensed brick factory in Caocheng, Hongdong County (Shanxi), owned by the son of the local Communist Party secretary.

The Shanxi Evening News reported yesterday that the labourers had to work unpaid from 5 am to 1 am the following day and were locked up in a small, dark room without bedding or heating. They were guarded by five men and six dogs and fed bread and cold water.

One of the workers, a native of Gansu, was hit over the head with a spade because he was “too slow” but all of them had scars from physical injuries, including burns from being forced to carry hot bricks on their backs.

When police raided the illegal brickworks in late May they found the foul-smelling workers wearing the same clothes for a year, most without shoes. They had not washed, had their hair cut or brushed their teeth.

When they were released, eight workers knew their names but could not say where they came from or the names of their parents.

The report said that the workers had been lured from Zhengzhou and Xian railway stations into working at the factory. They never attempted to escape because of tight controls and mistreatment.

The owner, Wang Binbin, the son of village party secretary Wang Dongji, was arrested. A supervisor, a guard and the alleged killer have been detained but five others are still on the run. The plant was opposite the party secretary's home who is also under investigation.

In China millions or rural migrants are forced to leave home seeking employment but are more often than not exploited to extremes with excessive workloads, low wages and dismal livings conditions. In many cases they are not even paid and factory owners and construction companies that employ them are protected by local authorities.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Webster Tarpley's "Truth Squad" speech - Chandler, Arizona, February, 2007

A broad overview of the international situation in light of Neoconservative misadventures around the globe. Tarpley's remedy in the short term is activism.

9/11 'Truthers' uncovering disturbing anomalies

By Geoff Olson

They're "nutcases" to Vancouver writer Terry Glavin, "gibbering idiots" to British author and Guardian columnist George Monbiot, and "conspiracy nuts" to U.S. political writer Alexander Cockburn. They're promoting "crap," says David Corn, Washington editor of The Nation. They're trafficking in "pure fantasy" that is "rotting peoples brains," says Canadian military analyst and author Gwynne Dyer.

They're opponents of the Bush administration who reject the official story on 9/11. And their most vocal critics hail not from the right, but from North America's progressive left. Ignored by mainstream media, and vilified by the alternative press, the so-called "9/11 Truth movement" probably wouldn't exist without the Internet. A huge online presence, with thousands of blogs and websites, has inspired the creation of films, DVDs and the organization of international conferences. The movement has chapters across North America, including in Vancouver. ...

Of all the anomalies they cite, 9/11 activists believe they've found their Rosetta Stone in Building Number 7 of the World Trade Center complex, which collapsed hours after the twin towers came down. Michael Hey, secretary for the Vancouver 9/11 Truth Society, writes by email that there was a "sudden and total disintegration, symmetrical, at a speed of near free-fall_ to date we know of only one way to achieve this effect, and it does not involve flying airplanes into buildings." He adds, "Of course, no airplane actually hit World Trade Center 7."

"Hundreds of physicists, architects and structural engineers have spoken out about the fact that the official explanation simply defies the laws of physics." One of them is Professor Steven Jones, a retired professor of physics at Brigham Young University, and a guest speaker at the Vancouver conference. continued →

ACTION ALERT: 9/11 Families Hand-Deliver Petition to Congress

September 11th Advocates
Regarding Declassification and Release of Documents
June 18, 2007

The Public's Right to Know - Declassification and Release of Documents petition ( ) surpassed 15,000 signatures. As promised, we have hand delivered it to lawmakers in Washington, DC.


Recently, during our meetings with lawmakers, we discussed the declassification and release of all transcripts and documents relating to the July 10, 2001 meeting that took place between former CIA Director George Tenet and then National Security Advisor, Condoleezza Rice, the redacted 28 pages of the Joint Inquiry Into The Terrorist Attacks of September 11, 2001 (JICI) and the CIA Inspector General’s report, “CIA Accountability With Respect To The 9/11 Attacks”, as mentioned in the Petition.

Almost six years have passed since September 11, 2001, yet critical information continues to be withheld from the American public regarding the attacks. Included in this statement is an “Action Alert” and background information explaining the importance of transparency in our government.

Since there is currently active legislation (Wyden-Bond Amendment attached to bill #S.4) regarding the CIA Inspector General’s Report, we decided, for the moment, to focus our attention on this particular document. continued →

Infowars & We Are Change Confront Democrats

Infowars reporter Luke Rudkowski from has released video taken at the recent Democratic debates in New Hampshire showing his team confronting leading Democrats Joe Biden and Bill Richardson in addition to David Gergen, the former adviser to Bill Clinton.

Michael Moore: 9/11 Could Be Inside Job

Academy Award winner Michael Moore answered questions on 9/11 truth during a sneak peak of his new documentary, SiCKO, in New York . Our reporters were initially avoided by Moore, but he subsequently decided to approach We Are reporters for a discussion.

Moore told reporters, "I've had a number of firefighters tell me over the years and since Fahrenheit 9/11 that they heard these explosions-- that they believe there's MUCH more to the story than we've been told. I don't think the official investigations have told us the complete truth-- they haven't even told us half the truth."

Michael Moore brought up the blackout of video at the site of the alleged Pentagon plane crash on his own, appearing quite willing to discuss subjects that so-called left gatekeepers have previously refused to raise questions about.

"I've filmed there before down at the Pentagon-- before 9/11-- there's got to be at least 100 cameras, ringing that building, in the trees, everywhere. They've got that plane coming in with 100 angles. How come with haven't seen the straight-- I'm not talking about stop-action photos, I'm talking about the video. I want to see the video; I want to see 100 videos that exist of this," Moore said.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Black Wall Street: The True Story

If anyone truly believes that the last April attack on the federal building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma was the most tragic bombing ever to take place on United States soil, as the media has been widely reporting, they're wrong -- plain and simple. That's because an even deadlier bomb occurred in that same state nearly 75 years ago. Many people in high places would like to forget that it ever happened.

Searching under the heading of "riots," "Oklahoma" and "Tulsa" in current editions of the World Book Encyclopedia, there is conspicuously no mention whatsoever of the Tulsa race riot of 1921, and this omission is by no means a surprise, or a rare case. The fact is, one would also be hard-pressed to find documentation of the incident, let alone and accurate accounting of it, in any other "scholarly" reference or American history book.

That's precisely the point that noted author, publisher and orator Ron Wallace, a Tulsa native, sought to make nearly five years ago when he began researching this riot, one of the worst incidents of violence ever visited upon people of African descent. Ultimately joined on the project by colleague Jay Wilson of Los Angeles, the duo found and compiled indisputable evidence of what they now describe as "a Black holocaust in America."

The date was June 1, 1921, when "Black Wall Street," the name fittingly given to one of the most affluent all-Black communities in America, was bombed from the air and burned to the ground by mobs of envious whites. In a period spanning fewer than 12 hours, a once thriving 36-Black business district in northern Tulsa lay smoldering--a model community destroyed, and a major African-American economic movement resoundingly defused. continued →

Ghouliani Ghost Car: Rudy's Campaign

Ron Paul Interview On FOX News (June 16, 2007)

Last Man Out Appearance Cancelled

By Mick Meaney
RINF Alternative News

Five times honoured hero and last man out of the Twin Towers, William Rodriguez, was scheduled to speak in Peterborough, UK, until event organisers were forced to cancel.

William Rodriguez is currently embarking on a European tour, covering much of the UK.

The event venue in Peterborough, the Bull Hotel, has been inundated with telephone calls and emails requesting an explanation from annoyed members of the public, as it is completely unacceptable to ban a real hero who saved hundreds of lives during the horrific events of 9/11.

Apparently the hotel pulled out following a letter from a member of public stating that they had witnessed a 9/11 truth activist being sworn at and spat upon during promoting the event. One of the event organisers, Ian Barrett, confirms this attack did take place and it does not explain why the hotel pulled out. continued →

Scholars For 911Truth Take On Fox News And Win Big

What Happened to Flight 93 Then?

Flight 77 - Pentagon Event

Tuesday, September 11, 2001; 4:59 PM

Steve Patterson, 43, said he was watching television reports of the World Trade Center being hit
when he saw a silver commuter jet fly past the window of his 14th-floor apartment in Pentagon City.

The plane was about 150 yards away,
approaching from the west about 20 feet off the ground, Patterson said.
He said the plane, which sounded like the high-pitched squeal of a fighter jet,
flew over Arlington cemetary so low that he thought it was going to land on I-395.

It was flying so fast that he couldn't read any writing on the side.
The plane, which appeared to hold about eight to 12 people,
headed straight for the Pentagon but was flying
as if coming in for a landing on a nonexistent runway, Patterson said.

"At first I thought 'God, there's a plane truly misrouted from National,'"
"Then this thing just became part of the Pentagon ...
I was watching the World Trade Center go and then this. What's next?"

He said the plane, which approached the Pentagon below treetop level,
seemed to be flying normally for a plane coming in for a landing
other than going very fast for being so low.

Then, he said, he saw the Pentagon "envelope" the plane
and bright orange flames shoot out the back of the building.

By Barbara Vobejda
Washington Post Staff Writer
Tuesday, September 11, 2001; 4:59 PM
continued →


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE , September 24, 1998

The Port Authority Board of Commissioners voted today to put the World Trade Center on the market, seeking a private operator under long-term lease for the worldís largest commercial office complex and the tallest and best known structure on the New York City skyline. Port Authority Chairman Lewis M. Eisenberg announced the decision today.
The historic move, carried out at the direction of Governors George E. Pataki and Christine Todd Whitman, follows an exhaustive analysis of options for the 16-acre complex, according to Chairman Eisenberg. The Port Authority built the complex, which includes four office buildings and a hotel in addition to the 1,350-foot-tall twin towers, and has operated it since 1970, when the first tenants moved in.

Port Authority Chairman Eisenberg said, ìThe Port Authority has made the philosophy of Governors Whitman and Pataki a reality in our daily operations. To run the busiest terminal at Kennedy Airport, we reached out to a world-famous private sector manager. We are returning Port Authority industrial parks to the private sector. And today, we are applying that philosophy to one of the largest real estate transactions in the history of New York.î

Port Authority Vice Chairman Charles A. Gargano said, ìPrivate sector management means that the World Trade Centerís role as a generator of jobs and economic activity will be even stronger. The 40,000 people who work there, in more than 400 firms from over 25 countries, are a vital part of New Yorkís links to the global marketplace. Their wages and salaries, and their technical know-how, contribute vastly to the regional economy. The retail shopping mall has drawn shoppers to downtown, and stimulated residential development. And the World Trade Center is one of the biggest tourist attractions in a city with overwhelming appeal to tourists. continued →


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE , September 21, 1998

The first commercial flight guided by Global Positioning System (GPS) satellite technology, which can help make air travel safer and more efficient, landed today at Newark International Airport. The Port Authority, in cooperation with Continental Airlines and the Federal Aviation Administration, purchased and installed the ground station for the new system.
"Satellite-based technology is expected to be a pivotal component in the redesign of aviation airspace," said Robert J. Kelly, Director of Aviation for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. "A new regional airspace structure, in turn, should lead to safer and more efficient operations, with fewer delays and reduced community noise impacts."

The GPS landing system, designed and developed by Honeywell Inc. and Pelorus Navigation Systems, Inc., is the only such system in the world that has been approved by the FAA. The inaugural flight employing the new technology was a Continental Airlines MD-80 originating in Washington, D.C.

The airborne and ground-based technology enhances safety by utilizing GPS technology to produce precise navigation data. GPS-based systems may eventually replace all ground-based navigation, communication, and surveillance equipment, at significant savings over existing systems.

"By working together with the FAA and the airlines to take advantage of satellite-based navigation systems and other advances in air traffic control and communications," Mr. Kelly said, "we can optimize the use of airport runways and airspace. With GPS, we now have one of the tools we need to reduce aircraft delays, mitigate aircraft noise, and ultimately, improve the quality of service we provide to air travelers." original article

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Election 2004: The Urban Legend

The night of November 2, 2004, was exhilarating or devastating, depending on how you voted and where you were. If you were a rural conservative who voted based on your religious affinity to Bush, you were elated. You were also relieved, because your peers had not turned out with the same enthusiasm that they had shown in 2000. If you were in the suburbs and had campaigned hard for Kerry, you were probably devastated. After all that work in your first campaign ever, the big crowds and the optimistic polls, your man lost. But if you were white, living in a large city, and probably a returning voter after missing several elections, you were positively exuberant. You and your like-minded peers continued George W. Bush’s reign as the 43rd President of the United States. It was a miracle.

This election was a sight to see. Few in the country had the vantage point of network news commentators. Throughout the day these experts received a stream of information from the exit polls of the National Election Pool (NEP). Sponsored by a media consortium consisting of the four major television networks plus CNN and the Associated Press, the NEP provided the most sophisticated polling data ever. continued →

Open Letters to Greg Palast

Dear Mr. Palast,

On May 10, 2007, in an INN TV interview, you made statements which were blatantly defamatory when you called me, by name, a "complete and utter fraud" and a "fruitcake." I demand either a retraction or substantiation of your accusations -- publicly.

A lawyer friend affirms that your statements, available here, constitute "malicious defamation."

You taunted: "Mr. Jones, come at me!"

Here I am.

I am ready to respond to your specific objections to my papers, or issues you wish to raise which support the "official story" of the Bush/Cheney administration, after you have first verified that you have actually read what I have written on the subject of controlled demolition at the World Trade Center:

Jones WTC 911 SciMethod

I will respond then to your statements which support the Bush/Cheney or "official story" for 9/11 events, and I will assure that the exchange will be made public. I propose publication of our exchange in the letters section of the, but you may choose another venue which is open to the public. Be sure to include your explanation of the iron-aluminum-rich microspheres which I discovered in the WTC dust if your explanation differs from mine, as well as the rapid straight-down collapse of WTC 7.

Again, my lawyer friend describes your public remarks on INN on May 10, 2007, as "malicious defamation" and I think he is correct. Do you? You called me a "complete and utter fraud" and a "fruitcake." I maintain that I am of sound mind and not a fraud. However, I invite you to present your substantiation of these claims -- or retract your egregious defamations.


Steven E. Jones, Ph.D.

PS -- If you do not respond by July 25, 2007, I will consider other options. Thank you.

Note that there are over one hundred engineers and architects listed in the Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth web site, , along with many at the site, so you may wish to correct your mis-statement of last month that there are "no engineers" who challenge the official story.

Michael Moore Plays The Blame Game

“My point is that had ABC News, NBC News, CBS News been more aggressive in confronting the government with what they were telling us back in 2003 about Iraq, you might have prevented this war. You, this network, the other networks,” Moore said. “Those 3,500 soldiers that are dead today may not have had to die had our news media done its job. … My point is that the media didn’t ask the questions.”


This is a clip that was only shown once and once only on TV. The execs could not let the public get too much of an earful of this without stopping it.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Dick Morris - Hillary will be our next president

Last night on Fox News’s Hannity and Colmes, right-wing pundit Dick Morris claimed that if Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY) becomes president, she “will not withdraw from Iraq.” His evidence? She’s a woman. “As a woman, she would not want that record,” Morris stated watch it

CNN: 9/11 Hijackers Attended Military Schools

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

William Rodriguez's story

On 9/11, Rodriguez single-handedly rescued fifteen (15) persons from the WTC, and as Rodriguez was the only person at the site with the master key to the North Tower stairwells, he bravely led firefighters up the stairwell, unlocking doors as they ascended, thereby aiding in the successful evacuation of unknown hundreds of those who survived.

Rodriguez, at great risk to his own life, re-entered the Towers three times after the first, North Tower impact at about 8:46 A.M., and is believed to be the last person to exit the North Tower alive, surviving the building's collapse by diving beneath a fire truck. After receiving medical attention at the WTC site for his injuries, Rodriguez spent the rest of 9/11 aiding as a volunteer in the rescue efforts, and at dawn the following morning, was back at Ground Zero continuing his heroic efforts.

tive for 9-11 Inside Job - with All In bet before the Flop

For an excellent summary of the Bush family modus operandi see Web site. In particular see "Crossing the Rubicon Symplifying the Case Against Dick Cheney" by Michael Kane. The Bush family got their founding stake as American collaborators in building the Nazi war machine. Followed by Poppy's hi-level roles in the Bay of Pigs Invasion and JFK Assassination. And more famously, ties to the Saudi Bin Laden family.

Orwell Rolls In His Grave

full view
A marvel of passionate succinctness, Robert Kane Pappas' docu critically examines the Fourth Estate, once the bastion of American democracy. Docu asks, "Could a media system, controlled by a few global corporations with the ability to overwhelm all competing voices, be able to turn lies into truth?

Bush Says We’ll Be in Iraq for 50 Years, But Reporters Don't Bother to Ask Iraqis to Comment

By Joshua Holland and Raed Jarrar

And none of them spoke with Saleh al Mutlaq, the powerful leader of the Iraqi National Dialogue Front, who said of talk of a Korea model: "This will make the few Iraqis who still believe in a political solution lose hope." He warned that "planning to leave permanent bases will only increase our political and military problems."

We tried to reach all of the reporters cited in this story. Sanger and Hunt were out of town -- presumably traveling with Bush in Europe -- and Richter didn't return our calls by press time.

When we reached the Washington Post's Ann Scott Tyson and asked her why there were no Iraqi voices in her story, she was somewhat taken aback by the question. She hadn't considered getting the views of any Iraqis, "because the story was focused on a shift in the administration's thinking here in Washington. It wasn't really focused on Iraqis, or their reaction." She later added: "There's a limited number of viewpoints you can include." Tyson explained that it wasn't always possible to reach people in Iraq for a quote before deadline. It's a valid point, except that several of the articles we reviewed were analyses written several days after talk of the Korea model started kicking around D.C. When we asked if that were true in this case, she said it wasn't -- it was primarily because the story wasn't "taking place in Iraq." continued →

Katie Couric admits TWICE on 9/11 that TWA 800 was BOMBED

Monday, June 11, 2007

War Made Easy

Bush mentions explosives in the buildings

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Danny Bonaduce meets Mark Dice formerly known as John Conner

Mark Dice from interviews Danny Bonaduce about 9/11. Danny pretty much just swears at him and tells him to F*** off for criticizing President Bush.

Military Preparing for Martial Law

Long before 9/11 the Military has been training our soldiers how to shut down cities, confiscate guns, and put Americans in camps. Watch for yourself.

Keith reveals the Bush Administration truest innermost feelings of Christianity.

If Americans Knew

In a democracy, the ultimate responsibility for a nation's actions rests with its citizens. The top rung of government -- the entity with the ultimate power of governance -- is the asserted will of the people. Therefore, in any democracy, it is essential that its citizens be fully and accurately informed.

In the United States, currently the most powerful nation on earth, it is even more essential that its citizens receive complete and undistorted information on topics of importance, so that they may wield their extraordinary power with wisdom and intelligence.

Unfortunately, such information is not always forthcoming.

Soldiers talk about what they saw and did in Iraq

Why don't soldiers get to be on CNN, FOX NEWS, MSNBC? They are the only people who really know what's going on. Why doesn't the media interview them? Once they've left military service (through retirement or injury) they are free to talk right? How come the main stream media never interviews them?

"Where Do The Children Play"


Christopher Bollyn Found Guilty

By George Houde

A Hoffman Estates writer who says he has been targeted by authorities because of his views was convicted Tuesday on charges stemming from a confrontation last summer with police outside his home.

Christopher Bollyn, 50, was found guilty of misdemeanor aggravated assault and resisting arrest after a four-day trial in the Rolling Meadows branch of Cook County Circuit Court.

Jurors deliberated about two hours before returning the verdict.

Bollyn, who has written for several Web sites and has claimed that Israeli agents were involved in the World Trade Center attack on Sept. 11, 2001, called police Aug. 15 to report a suspicious car in his neighborhood. The car was an unmarked squad with three tactical unit officers, and authorities said the officers pulled into Bollyn's driveway in the 200 block of Kingman Lane to identify themselves. continued →

Prof. Graeme MacQueen: preview of presentation for the Vancouver 9/11 Truth Conference

"9/11 Commission Report bars 503 1st responder eyewitnesses"

Prof. MacQueen is the founder of the "Center for Peace Studies"


By David Podvin

John Lennon wrote, “Woman is the nigger of the world”. Woman should be so lucky. She does not rank nearly that high, and she never has. A typical example recently arrived from the Supreme Court, which ruled that saving a female life is insufficiently relevant to justify performing a late term abortion. The justices stressed that although the lives of women are important, there exists a higher priority.

There always does. Throughout history, women’s rights have been subordinated to greater causes, the greatest cause being homage to the Almighty. Judaism and Christianity and Islam differ greatly, but misogyny is the place where true believers meet to greet. The pious agree that in accordance with God’s will females must be tormented.

Toward that end Orthodox Jewish men thank their Messiah for not making them women and coerce females into second-class status. Fundamentalist Christian men codify misogyny into law and stigmatize those females who resist the social roles of antiquity. Traditionalist Muslim men demand that women be wrapped like mummies before public appearances, mutilate their clitorises to discourage wayward lust, and engage in honor killings against those distaff dissidents who exhibit subversive feminist tendencies. This sectarian persecution is never done in the name of malice. The ecumenical party line is that females are abused only because the Lord wouldn’t have it any other way. continued →

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The Century of the Self - 2 of 4

"This series is about how those in power have used Freud's theories to try and control the dangerous crowd in an age of mass democracy." - Adam Curtis
full view
part 1
part 3
part 4


The Bombing of Pearl Harbor

On 7 December 1941 the greatest disaster in United States history occurred. Truly this was and is, “’A date which will live in infamy.’”(Costello 1), but not for the bombing of Pearl Harbor, rather for the deception and the mis-guidance used by the Government and Franklin D. Roosevelt. In a purely artificial chess game Roosevelt sacrificed over 2400 American Seamen’s lives, thanks to his power as Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces. By over-looking the obvious facts of an attack by Japan on Pearl Harbor, Roosevelt was able to control both the political and economic systems of the United States. Most of American society before the Pearl Harbor bombing believed in the idea of isolationism.

Franklin D. Roosevelt knew this, and knew the only way in which United States countrymen would take arms and fight in Europe’s War was to be an overt action against the United States by a member of the Axis Power. Roosevelt also believed Hitler would not declare war on the United States unless he knew they were beatable. There are numerous accounts of actions by Roosevelt and his top armed forces advisors, which reveal they were not only aware of an attack by Japan, but also they were planning on it, and instigating that attack. On 7 October 1940, Lieutenant Commander Arthur H. McCollum, head of the Far East desk of the Office of Naval Intelligence, wrote the eight-action memo. continued →

The Elephant In The Election


Rock Creek Free Press

By Webster G. Tarpley
28 May, 2007

The end of 2006 and the first half of 2007 have brought to light an unusual situation – a more or less open faction fight in that Anglo-American finance oligarchy which has long viewed itself as the ruling class of the world. In the past few months we have seen the report of the Baker-Hamilton Iraq Study Group savagely attacked as the work of “surrender monkeys” on the front page of the Rupert Murdoch New York Post. We have seen an unprecedented struggle to oust the neocon fascist madman Paul Wolfowitz from his post as boss of the World Bank. Popular approval for the current tenant of the White House has fallen to 28% as of this writing, as US generals appear on television to denounce George Bush for lying about the reasons for the Iraq aggression. Both houses of the US Congress have voted to set time limits for the Iraq adventure, only to have the bill vetoed by Bush. One hundred seventy-one members of the US House of Representatives, including Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, the number three personality of the regime, have then voted to begin a troop pullout from Iraq in 90 days, to be completed six months later. Lord Conrad Black, the neocon press baron of Hollinger Corporation, whose London Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph were the flagships of the Whitewatergating of Clinton, is now on trial for criminal embezzlement in Chicago. Irv “Scooter” Libby, Cheney’s Cheney and a special assistant to Bush, has been convicted on felony charges of perjury and obstruction of justice, and is facing three years in jail. Attorney General Gonzalez has become a punching bag for the Congress. Tony Blair, despite his “liquid terrorism” stunt of August 2006, appears about to be forced out as British Prime Minister. Bush the elder weeps in public about his errant son’s debacle. To top it all off, the visit of Queen Elizabeth II to the White House to mark the 400th anniversary of the first permanent English colony in the New World has taken place in a climate of veiled hostility and visible tension and resentment. The Anglo-Saxon masters of human destiny are, it would seem, at each other’s throats.

Giuliani was confronted in the Bronx on May 31 by Sabrina Rivera, a truth activist whose boyfriend’s father was a fireman who died on 9/11. She asked Giuliani why he and his staff had received a special warning that the twin towers of the World Trade Center were going to collapse, when the people in the buildings never got that warning. Giuliani’s response contradicted everything he has ever said about 9/11 – he denied that he had ever received a warning that the twin towers were going to come down. We never though the towers would implode, stammered Giuliani. But that is not what Giulaini had told Peter Jennings of ABC news on the afternoon of 9/11. At that time the Mayor said: “I went down to the scene and we set up headquarters at 75 Barclay Street, which was right there, with the police commissioner, the fire commissioner, the head of emergency management, and we were operating out of there when we were told that the World Trade Center was going to collapse. And it did collapse before we could actually get out of the building, so we were trapped in the building for ten, 15 minutes, and finally found an exit and got out, walked north, and took a lot of people with us.” [ABC News, 9/11/2001] continued →

The Century Of The Self - Part 1 of 4 - By Adam Curtis

"This series is about how those in power have used Freud's theories to try and control the dangerous crowd in an age of mass democracy." - Adam Curtis
full view

Dr. Nick Begich - Dataveillance

Excerpts from interview w. Dr. Nick Begich on the politics of privacy, surveillance and military power, post 9/11.

Barry Zwicker: historical precedents

Canadian television journalist Barry Zwicker provides numerous examples of historically documented 'false flag' operations. These are acts that are blamed on other governments or entities to provide the support and cover for otherwise unacceptable agendas.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Olbermann: Latest J.F.K. Terror Plot *DEBUNKED!*

Dr. Nick Begich - weapon technologies of the 21. century

New Developments in technologies enable governments to effect huge populations without their knowledge. Dr. Nick Begich discusses HAARP and other technologies capabilities.

Was 9/11 really the beginning ?

Every United States government official and member of the US Military have taken oaths that include the phrase "to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States from all enemies, foreign and domestic".

I believe that George H. W. Bush has organized and is operating the Bush Crime Family. Said family has, with the assistance of many other members of the elite and secret covert operations agencies from other countries around the world, pulled of a coup of the government of this country.

The Bush Crime Family is being permitted, perhaps unwittingly by some people, to destroy this country with their treasonous acts. By treasonous acts I mean the complete disregard for the desires of the American people (i.e. fraudulent elections of 2000 and 2004); illegal invasion of Iraq based on intentionally misleading intelligence; mass murder and use of WMD on the citizens of this country on 9/11/2001; conspiracy with the insurance fraud for the "Jewish Lightening" that struck the World Trade Center the same day and the failure to have a fair and independent investigations.

Ah, I may as well start at the beginning rather than go back and forth. continued →

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

- 9/11 - The Matrix -

Full View
Eric Williams exposes how our world and 9/11 really is a matrix of lies and deceit. It reveils the parallel of symbols used in Nazism, Fascism, and the US. Was the US intended to be a fascism nation from the beginning?

Dr. Cate Jenkins' New Article in the Journal of 9/11 Studies

Steven Jones

Dr. Cate Jenkins holds a PhD in Chemistry and works for the Environmental Protection Agency. She has written an important article -- a Request for Senate Investigation regarding the WTC Dust, here.

In an addendum, she also requests an FBI investigation.

The reader will note that Dr. Jenkins is not reluctant to criticize EPA and other officials and politicians in her quest for correct science regarding the toxicity of the WTC dust -- and fairness for those people who were injured by that toxic dust. Hundreds even thousands were hurt by the stuff. In an email, Jenna Orkin writes:

"I've worked with and relied on Cate Jenkins for over five years. As far as I know, her science is sterling and she is among the handful of people who spoke up forcefully and truthfully in the beginning when it counted the most but few were able or willing to do so.