Tuesday, September 30, 2008

How they bleep you Over & Over

How the government rakes you over the coals.

Alex Jones - Lt. Col. Craig Roberts , 'The Coming U.N.Invasion

September 30, 2008

Mike Gravel on AlJazeera English speaking about Sarah Palin, US Foreign Policy, Ron Paul, the Internet, Barack Obama, the Drug War

September 30, 2008


5 Basic Ways To Be A Better Person.
We can all improve something about ourselves. How many of these do you follow?
Keep an open mind. It's key to learning. With one, you can plan contingencies.
Forewarned is forearmed. Life on this planet is changing rapidly.
On that everyone agrees. Having an open mind is to your benefit.
And it is general good sense, as well.

Cynthia McKinney REVEALS 5,000 EXECUTED During Hurricane Katrina

September 29, 2008

First Bailout Vote: Press Conference with Ralph Nader

Sept. 29, 2008.
Monterey CA. Ralph Nader responds after the first House vote on the Wall Street Bailout.

John McCain: Economic Disaster

September 30, 2008
John McCain does not have the ability to fix this economic crisis. After declaring the fundamentals of the economy strong, he created a political circus in Washington last week by mucking up bailout negotiations; a deplorable stunt, considering he and his political cronies helped cause the current meltdown.

It was McCain and his economic adviser Phil Gramm who pushed for the deregulation that helped lead to the banking crisis, and it was McCain's crony Rick Davis who had deep lobbyist ties to Freddie Mac. Don't let others be fooled by McCain's economic grandstanding because the reality is his policies and principles will only exacerbate our financial hardships. That's why you must spread this video.

Reaction To The Vote - MUST SEE TV

September 29, 2008 has the blow-by-blow.

Bottom line: We won round one, but this is NOT OVER, and we MUST NOT LET THIS BILL PASS.

Yes, we need a bill. But not THIS bill, in any form.

Most importantly - Bernanke proved IT WON'T WORK today. See inside - then pass this around - this must get WIDE viewing.

Obama & McCain agree: FREE ISRAEL. F*&K PALESTINE!

September 29, 2008

Bailout sparks anger

September 28, 2008
Protesters take to the streets to condemn Wall Street bailout plan

CNN Laughs It Up Over Sarah Palin Interview

September 28, 2008

Ron Paul Votes NO BAILOUT (Speech on the House Floor)

September 29, 2008

Nader and Palin on The Bailout!!!

September 29, 2008

Monday, September 29, 2008

Arrest The President

Whether he gets impeached or is succeeded by another president, he will always deserve punishment for the crimes he has committed.

Arrest The President!! (by Mr. SOS)

Alex Jones - Rep. Michael Burgess, 'Martial Law'

September 29, 2008
Rep. Michael Burgess about "martial law" in Congress in regard to the bailout bill.

Congressman Ron Paul gives us his thoughts on the failure of the bailout bill just minutes after leaving the floor.

September 29, 2008

How "Free Market Capitalism" Really Works. Nader and Chomsky Explain the Game, a Nanny State to Take Care of the Rich

September 29, 2008
Presidential candidate Ralph Nader has a good video about the wall street bailout, I'll play you a short clip and also a clip of Chomsky talking about capitalism in the real world .
Nader is right, the bailout is yet another example of socialism for the rich which has been the game that's always been played.

Noam Chomsky talking at Harvard in 96.
Chomsky explains that the free market theory sold to the public is just a fantasy. He shows how in the real world, different rules apply to the rich. the rich make sure they have the nanny state to take care of themselves. We are being played for fools.

Bush and McCain Play Politics with Our Troops

September 26, 2008

We Are Under Martial Law! As Declared By The Speaker Last Night! Rep Burgess

September 28, 2008 C-SPAN

HR 3997 Financial markets bill......just failed to pass!!!

September 29, 2008
The house has just voted AGAINST the bailout bill.

Democrat 140 yes 95 no
Republican 65 yes 133 no
Total 205 yes 228 no

How democrats lied to America, while using community reinvestment act and acorn to destroy the American financial system.

September 28, 2008
Democrats (Barney Frank, etc) have let this housing crisis happen and I will show you why. Americans are being lied to and now we are being stolen from.

CNN and the media is trying very hard to spin this, everything in this video will have a counter argument and an accusation that conservative republicans are liars.

Yet left wing non-profit organizations are allowed to run amock leveraging government power to extract money out of banks for their own personal wealth, power and gains.

Watch, learn, research.

Sounds Like Insider Trading To Me! Rep Kaptur

September 28, 2008 C-SPAN

David Letterman Reacts to John McCain Suspending Campaign

September 24, 2008

Americans sensitive about presidents colour

September 29, 2008
The University of Mississippi, which hosted the first debate of U.S. presidential candidates, has a historical significance for this particular race. Two people were killed in 1962 when white students rioted in protest at the enrolment of the first black student. And today a recent poll suggests that racial prejudice is still an issue that could cost Barack Obama the White House.

Sarah Palin Is Dumber Than Bush

September 25, 2008

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Freeman Perspective - Sorcerer's of Atlantis

September 27, 2008

2008 Election ! Change Between the Evil Of Two Lessers

September 26, 2008
Banned Video!

DID you hear the economy was going to CRASH!!

September 27, 2008
Screw it we party on this day..

George Carlin on Conspiracy Theorists

Pastor Chuck Baldwin, candidate for president on the Constitution Party, acknowledges the New World Order.

Sept. 10, 2008
Pastor Chuck Baldwin ripped into the globalist schemers who want to "merge America into a globalist order." He charged that there is no real difference between the Democratic and Republican Parties. He alleged that both parties are taking America into an "evil direction" and he also sharply criticized John McCain for his globalist-like views. The press conference was called by Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) and was held at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C.

Uncommon Knowledge: The Great Depression with Amity Shlaes

September 12, 2008
Amity Shlaes challenges the received wisdom that the Great Depression occurred because capitalism broke and that it ended because FDR, and government in general, came to the rescue. According to Shlaes, it was the government that made the Great Depression worse. And was FDRs progressivism, as evident in the New Deal, really all that new, or was it a step along a progressive continuum that already had been established?

John McCain has Morphed into Herbert Hoover

September 19, 2008

CNN finally exposes Sarah Palin's Iraq war 'a task from God'

September 08, 2008

Fire up the money press! U.S. Senate passes $612-oops NOW $634 billion spending bill. Lobbyists for banks Swarming!

September 27, 2008
WASHINGTON - Automakers gained $25 billion in taxpayer-subsidized loans and oil companies won elimination of a long-standing ban on drilling off the Atlantic and Pacific coasts as the Senate passed a sprawling spending bill SaturdayThe 78-12 vote sent the $634 billion measure to President Bush, who was expected to sign it even though it spends more money and contains more pet projects than he would have liked.The measure is needed to keep the government operating beyond the current budget year, which ends Tuesday. As a result, the legislation is one of the few bills this election year that simply must pass. Bush's signature would mean Congress could avoid a lame-duck session after the Nov. 4 election.The Pentagon is in line for a record budget. In addition to $70 billion approved this summer for operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Defense Department would receive $488 billion, a 6 percent increase. The spending bill also offers aid to victims of flooding in the Midwest and recent hurricanes across the Gulf Coast.

Such a huge bill usually would dominate the end-of-session agenda on Capitol Hill. But it went below the radar screen because attention focused on the congressional bailout of Wall Street.

The measure settles dozens of battles that have brewed for months between the Democrats who run Congress and the White House and its GOP allies.

The administration won approval of the defense budget. Democrats wrested concessions from the White House on $23 billion for disaster-ravaged states, a doubling of low-income heating subsidies, and smaller spending items such as $24 million more for food shipments to the elderly.

wall street bailout - was that the rubicon way back there?

September 23, 2008
Now that their Wall Street scheming has threatened to bankrupt them, the big investment houses have come crying to Congress to bail them out to the tune of untold trillions of dollars of YOUR money (so much for the free market when it's the rich who get soaked).


September 27, 2008
Is it coming? If it happens, it will be because of what Congress DOES, not what it does NOT.

CONGRESS and OUR GOVERNMENT GENERALLY are responsible for the credit lockup. See how and why, then MAKE THIS VIDEO GO VIRAL; we MUST stop the bailout

**2008 US Election Will Be Suspended in October**

September 27, 2008
The Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation (FSB) is reporting in the Kremlin over the past several days that the Bank of England has received from the United States Federal Reserve Bank a notice that President Bush is preparing to declare an Economic Emergency during the week of October 5th and will further announce that the American Presidential election due to be held on November 4th will be indefinitely suspended.

These reports state that the Governor of the Bank of England, Mervyn King, had expressed his shock and outrage to his American counterparts at the US Federal Reserve after the catastrophic collapse of one of the largest financial banks in the World, Lehman Brothers, and which caused both the Band of England and the European Central Bank to rush $42 billion into the European economy yesterday to keep it from collapsing, and their own banks from running out of money, necessitating the response from the US Central Bank leader Ben S. Bernanke.

'Unipolar world is over'

September 27, 2008
In front of the UN General Assembly, Russia's Foreign Minister has lashed out at the world's unipolar security system controlled by the U.S.

Democrats Covering up the Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac

September 27, 2008
Democrats in their own words Covering up the Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac Scam that caused our Economic Crisis.

At a 2004 hearing see Democrat after Democrat covering up and attacking the regulations to protect Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (their Cash Cows) that are now destroying our economy because the Democrats let them cheat.

Dozens of religious leaders will endorse McCain this Sunday

September 27, 2008

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Bush, Bernanke, Paulson's Own Words on Subprime a Year Ago

In Their Own Words!

First 100 Days of Nader Presidency

2008 Presidential Candidate Ralph Nader answers a question about what his first 100 days in office would look like. From the Open the Debates super rally, Minneapolis, Minnesota, September 4, 2008.

Once in a century rip-off

September 26, 2008
Economist Michael Hudson: the bailout is a giveaway that will cause hyperinflation and dollar collapse

The Debate: McCain and His Foreign Policy Blunders

September 27, 2008

Capitalist Conspiracy by G. Griffin expounds Dr. Ron Paul speech at National Press Club

Capitalist Conspiracy
G.Edward Griffin STRIKES A BLOW at the NWO!


HAARP is real

Problem Reaction Solution

Hypocrisy or democracy?

While millions of people around the world watched Barack Obama and fellow U.S. presidential candidate John McCain debate each other, another man running for the high office was ignored. Independent Ralph Nader is not allowed to debate McCain and Obama because officials say he doesn't qualify. However, Nader's influence on the tight election may be greater than he's being given credit for.

Friday, September 26, 2008

This call for a General Strike is a non-violent, peaceful, and powerful means to send a message to D.C.

Nov. 02-05/08

The ONLY way to stop those who would bleed our nation dry, dismantle our constitution, and dissolve our national sovereignty is to say

I will not work for you, buy from you, fight for you, or die for you, until the
criminals are gone from the halls of our government.
Get off the internet, I'll see you in the streets!
General Strike

Rice Admits Bush Officials Held Talks on How to Torture

eptember 25, 2008
Finally, Condelezza Rice admits that Bush Officials Held White House Talks on How to Torture. This just happened in the last few days. Now for the sins to be purged, many people will now go down in history as war criminals.

Bush Uses Economic and Political Crisis to Extend Iraq War 1 Year

September 25, 2008
"Due to domestic and political crisis the war in Iraq will be extended one year." This will cost the tax payers (me and you) an extra $182,500,000,000,000.00 ($182.5 trillion dollars) on top of the $556,964,775,311.00 already spent. Economic crisis anyone?

The Outstanding Public Debt as of 25 Sep 2008 at 07:35:25 AM GMT is: $9,794,615,846,009.12

Peter Schiff - Ron Paul Financial Advisor - Get Out of The Dollar Now While You Can - Collapse Of The American Empire

September 25, 2008
The Dollar will go into free fall.

Washington Mutual Inc was closed by the U.S. government in by far the largest failure of a U.S. bank, and its banking assets were sold to JPMorgan Chase & Co for $1.9 billion.

The government destroyed the United States Economy. Let the free market cleanse the markets.

Ron Paul on Your World

September 25, 2008
the 700 billion dollar bailout

No Bailout For Bankers Update

September 25, 2008
Alternatives are emerging, and recognition that it will not work is building.

Common Sense: A Movie For All Americans

If every American saw this, there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning. The time is now.

TPMtv: Dog Ate My Debate

September 25, 2008
There're freakouts and there are freakouts. And yesterday's Manic Act Out moments from John McCain were in a class by themselves. First he tried to cancel Friday night's debate and then he tried to beg off David Letterman's show by making up a story about having to hop on a plane to rush back to Washington.

Boxer: McCain Crawling into Corner with Blanket

September 25, 2008
Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA) says if she was running for president, she wouldn't be crawling up into a corner with a blanket.

Headzup: Sarah Palin & Katie Couric Interview

Katie Couric asks Sarah Palin about her claim that she has foreign policy experience because Canada is near Russia.
original interview

Tim Weiner exposes CIA operations

Tim Weiner's "Legacy of Ashes" is the hidden history of the CIA: why eleven presidents and three generations of CIA officers have been unable to understand the world; why nearly every CIA director has left the agency in worse shape than he found it; and how these failures have profoundly jeopardized our national security. Tim Weiner is a reporter for The New York Times. He has written on American intelligence for twenty years, and won the Pulitzer Prize.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Franklin Coverup Scandal - Politicians & Pedophilia

Nebraska Senator John DeCamp Interview
Topics Discussed
Pope Ratzinger, Paul Bonacci, Franklin Coverup Scandal, Oklahoma City Bombing, Columbine High School, Kissinger's confirmation of Watergate's REAL Deep Throat CIA William Colby
Conspiracy of Silence

Debriefing of CIA Monarch Victim, Paul Bonacci

Warning: pedophile victim subject matter
complete interview
Paul Bonacci was used by the CIA for MONARCH (MKULTRA) mind control programming, escaped, and lived to tell about it. He was one of the child victim/accusers in the Franklin case out of Nebraska that turned into a cover-up of government abuse. In this interview he names a few top U.S. politicians/perps involved.
The Franklin Cover-Up
Brice Taylor interview with corroborating information
Bonacci court transcripts from his 1999 testimony. In that case, he won a 1 million dollar award from an abuser named Larry King (not CNN). Larry King was the main suspect in the Franklin case-turned-government-cover-up.
Alex Jones interviews Senator John DeCamp about his investigations in the Franklin Cover-Up. The shocking facts of pedophilia, murder, child prostitution, and satanism are tied to the activities carried out at Bohemian Grove.

Uncle Sam and 911

McCain/Palin Now Involved in a Cover-up

September 18, 2008

Using clergy to quell dissent

Jerome Coris Points Outs The Document Giving Dubya Dictatorship Powers

September 24, 2008
The Outstanding Public Debt as of 25 Sep 2008 at 07:35:25 AM GMT is: $9,794,615,846,009.12
The estimated population of the United States is 304,790,683
so each citizen's share of this debt is $32,135.52.
This is before the $700,000,000,000.00 that they are going to add to it.
The National Debt has continued to increase an average of
$2.17 billion per day since September 28, 2007!
Concerned? Then tell Congress and the White House!
The War in Iraq Cost as of 25 Sep 2008 at 07:35:25 AM GMT is: $556,964,775,311.00
$4,681.00 per household.
$1,721.00 per person.
$341,495,000 million per day.

Ron Paul on Fox Business News

September 24, 2008
Ron Paul gives his take on the bailout to rescue the collapsing global financial markets.

Taking on the military industrial complex

September 25, 2008

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Carroll Quigley Interview

Carroll Quigley

Carroll Quigley: Our Tragedy and Their Hope

Important quotes and passages taken from the books of former CFR archivist, Georgetown professor and Bill Clinton mentor, Carroll Quigley. This includes passages from 'Tragedy and Hope' (1966), as well as 'The Anglo-American Establishment' (1982). The books provide a look into the inner workings of the elite bureacracies that run the world today, from one of the conspirators themselves. This video is an excellent start for those unfamiliar with Quigley and are just waking up to the agenda, as these are irrefutable quotes from an insider and undeniable proofs of a massive, longstanding conspiracy against the people, not only of the US, but the entire world.
Shadow Government

TPMtv: Blame Game

September 23, 2008
Forget rapacious CEOs, regulation-busting politicians, and the lobbyists that are keeping the whole system afloat (that is, until it got hit by a torpedo and sank). Republicans have found the real culprit behind the meltdown: Past Dem administrations and minority homeowners!

McCain Behaving Like A Flustered Rookie In A League Too High

September 23, 2008 MSNBC
Keith Olbermann

Bush, Bernanke, Paulson's Own Words on Subprime a Year Ago

September 24, 2008

Austan Goolsbee: Master of the One-Liner

September 21, 2008
Obama Economic Adviser
Austan Goolsbee on CNN's Late Edition

Derivative Markets and the 2nd Great Depression

September 19, 2008
1. Who the hell can shed some light on this derivative market thing?
2. Is the current crisis the start of a a depression, or just a normal bump in the free market road?
3. Investment tips?
4. Is the Hermit video making style derivative of any other?
5. AC/DC- lover em or hate em?

This is a financial controlled demolition ! like 911

Afshin Rattansi & Max Keiser on Goldman Sachs & Toilet Paper

Afshin Rattansi in Tehran talks to Max Keiser in Paris about the end of Wall Street, dollars and toilet paper - and Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs no longer being investment banks.

Max Keiser: Follow the Money


September 21, 2008
Document referenced

Make this video VIRAL and STOP THE BILL!

Manipulating the Market - The Central Banks.

September 17, 2008
AIG saved by the Fed. Systemic risk from the financial community seems to be upon us and finally someone is paying the Piper.
The question is will it be the businesses that made the systemic risk possible, by being high leveraged and ignore risk management models, or will it be you (the everyday Joe) that will end up paying the piper through higher taxes and inflation.
The Central Banks, Government and others directly or indirectly interfere under the guise that if they didn't we'd be worse off. But we're told at the beginning of the game that we operate in free markets? That pure capitalism is to be the saviour of the world? Now we're told, no sorry we're changing the rules (not just in the financial markets but in everyday life as well, but there just a little easier to see in the financial markets).

The rulers have now decided the rules will apply now on a case by case basis! &rarr

Oct. 1st Military starts Martial Law Mission

September 23, 2008

"Is the United States Bankrupt?"

December 12, 2007
A wake up call to all Americans from the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO).
"This paper explores these views from both partial and general equilibrium perspectives. It concludes that countries can go broke, that the United States is going broke ..." →

How can the US go bankrupt, when it can just print new money (US Dollars) at no cost? You cant, you just dont want people to watch the money supply too close then, which is why FED stopped showing the M3 money supply in 2006

Larry King Interview with Iran's President Ahmadinejad

September 23, 2008

The corporate bailout game

September 23, 2008

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Brigade homeland tours start Oct. 1

3rd Infantry’s 1st BCT trains for a new dwell-time mission. Helping ‘people at home’ may become a permanent part of the active Army

Gina Cavallaro
The 3rd Infantry Division’s 1st Brigade Combat Team has spent 35 of the last 60 months in Iraq patrolling in full battle rattle, helping restore essential services and escorting supply convoys.

Now they’re training for the same mission — with a twist — at home.

Beginning Oct. 1 for 12 months, the 1st BCT will be under the day-to-day control of U.S. Army North, the Army service component of Northern Command, as an on-call federal response force for natural or manmade emergencies and disasters, including terrorist attacks.

It is not the first time an active-duty unit has been tapped to help at home. In August 2005, for example, when Hurricane Katrina unleashed hell in Mississippi and Louisiana, several active-duty units were pulled from various posts and mobilized to those areas.

YouTube's Cutest Animals!!!!!

September 22, 2008
Kucinich Announces Plan for Ownership Society

first- spread this video to all of your friends.
second - contact your local rep NOW !
Tell them to support the
Kucinich plan for
Ownership Society

WASHINGTON, D.C. (September 22, 2008) -- Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) today made the following statement announcing a plan for a new Ownership Society:
"The Wall Street financial disaster is an opportunity to create a genuine ownership society. If Congress invests $700 billion in the market, then the American people must get something of real value for their investment.
"Simply purchasing bad debt, "cash for trash" and not receiving anything of value or giving $700 billion and not having a commensurate equity interest in Wall Street firms is unacceptable. No "cash for trash".
"Since the bailout will cost each and every American about $2,300, tomorrow I will offer legislation to create a United States Mutual Trust Fund, which will take control of $700 billion in stock assets, at market value and not higher, convert those assets to shares, and distribute $2,300 worth of shares to new individual savings accounts in the name of each and every American."
Kucinich arrived at the $2,300 figure by dividing the cost of the bailout ($700 billion) by the US population (over 300 million).

Paulson and Bush trying to hide a secret with the Bail outs.

September 22, 2008
Paulson has a dirty little secret he doesn't want you to know about.
dirty secret

Stand Against the Bailout Scam!

September 22, 2008
The Bush criminals want to keep financial industry profits and bonuses private, while they leave the tab for reckless and illegal Wall Street behavior with you, me and the rest of middle class America, which is already struggling to get by in Bushco's "wealth first, trickle-down" world.
I guess they're actually okay with socializing stuff after all, as long as it benefits them and their cronies exclusively.
If this scam doesn't have you seething with rage, please check your pulse.

"If it is too big to fail, it is too big to exist." A MUST watch Bernie Sanders
Ten Reasons Why Bush's Proposed Bailout is Larceny
Tell Congress NO BAILOUT here!
Please do it NOW! Go ahead and be cynical about it if you must, but DO it. Brushing it off with the standard "oh jeez, they're not going to do anything about it, why even bother" makes you part of the problem.

We Cannot Bomb & Torture Our Way to Frendship! Rep Woolsey

September 22, 2008

Governor Palin has issued a response to President Ahmadinejad's expected appearance Tuesday at the United Nations

September 22, 2008

Russia-China Prepare Massive Gold Shock For Global Economy

September 22, 2008
October 2008, US Economy and Global Conflict
What Does It Mean
Project Avalon

Project Camelot

Monday, September 22, 2008

9/11 - Loose Change Final Cut


DECISION 2008 - You Decide !

September 22, 2008

Peter Schiff to Don Harrold: Let the Free Market Work it Out!

September 18, 2008
Peter Schiff tells the truth about the "crisis".

53,000 Chinese Babies Poisoned! By Tainted Formula

September 22, 2008 BBC

Rescue Plan for the People

Ron Paul: You don't need a 401k to be injured by the destruction of the Dollar!

September 21, 2008 CNN

King Paulson - Hope You Like It

Folks, you NEED to stop this.
Unbelievable, and coming to YOUR nation Monday if you don't act now.

Richard Andrew Grove, an AIG insider Interview

Jack Blood interviews Richard Andrew Grove, an AIG insider and whistleblower. This is an insider expose of the AIG / Kroll spook company, their ties to 9/11 and their new financial 9/11

Sunday, September 21, 2008

- Ring Of Power - Empire Of The City

"One ring to rule them all..."
I: 9/11 THE UNTOLD STORY (38 min.) - Half the world believes Muslims were responsible for 9/11. The other half believes Israeli Zionists were responsible.
Who’s right?
II: HIDDEN EMPIRE (22 min.) - The world’s most powerful empire is not the U.S.A. It is an empire that insiders call “Empire Of The City”.
III: TRAIL OF THE PHARAOHS (25 min.) - Did the Biblical Abraham really live to be 175? Did Moses really turn staffs into snakes and rivers into blood?
IV: GOD AND THE QUEEN (30 min.) - Genealogy charts show that British and Frenchroyalty are descendants of Mary Magdalene and Jesus Christ. Is it true?
V: ALL THE QUEEN’S MEN (22 min.) - How rich and powerful is Queen Elizabeth II?
VI: THE GODFATHERS (30 min.) - They scammed control of the Bank of England and the U.S. Federal Reserve, then they found GOD – Gold, Oil and Drugs.
VII: CHEATING AT MONOPOLY (52 min.) - How many people would play a game of monopoly if the banker was cheating and fixing the rules? Over 6 billion.
VIII: ASSES OF EVIL (29 min.) - The New World Order Mafia are invisible rulers who make puppets out of politicians, heroes out of villains and villains out of heroes.
IX: KING OF HEARTS (22 min.) - The ultimate goal of “insiders” is to disarm the world and create one world empire under one world ruler. Who is he?
X: SOLUTIONS (28 min.) - Protesting and writing letters to deaf politicians doesn’t work.
What does work?

The Producer is an experienced, award winning documentary filmmaker who, as a child, learned that her father was a member of the secretive cult of Freemasonry. She recalls many arguments between her parents over her father's secret meetings and the exclusion of women from the brotherhood. The Masonic ring that her father wore had been passed down from father to son over the generations. When she asked her father about the meaning of the letter "G" and the compass and square on his ring, she got no response. As an adult, she decided to investigate. That investigation grew into four years of intensive research into the identity and history of the diabolical globalists who she calls the "Ring Of Power". Their goal is one World Empire and one world ruler.


How the news works

The Federal Reserve - The Reason Behind the Stock Market Meltdown

To most Americans, the Federal Reserve is just another name on their dollar bill. They don't know that this secretive private bank controls America's entire economic system. The Federal Reserve is no more federal than Federal Express. Created with no constitutional authority in 1913, the Fed prints money out of thin air and loans it to the U.S. treasury at interest. This can only lead to one outcome: debt. Currently, the Federal Reserve is printing billions of dollars to bail out Wall Street while destroying the middle class and the dollar. If our country wants a sound and transparent monetary system, we need to abolish the Federal Reserve and bring the power back to the American people.
Fiat Empire

The Scott Loper Story: In His Own Words

Scott Loper recounts the details of his horrific story of torture, illegal incarceration, denial of his rights, kidnapping of his son as an American living in Canada, and how his own Congressman Steny Hoyer, turned his back on him when he learned the truth.

After viewing Scott's story please visit and email Steny Hoyer and the State Department to demand justice.

The revamped war on terror exposed

September 17, 2008
How Pakistan reacts against US Special Forces in the tribal areas

Who's in US line of fire in Pak tribal areas

September 18, 2008
The revamped war on terror: who's who in Pakistan's tribal areas

GOP Files Lawsuit to Stop Troopergate Investigation

September 16, 2008
Once upon a time, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin welcomed the bipartisan investigation into her decision to fire a public safety official. But now five Republican lawmakers are suing to stop the investigation. Rachel Maddow gets the latest from Newsweek investigative correspondent Michael Isikoff

H A A R P - Project Bluebeam China Earthquake connection


Inside Iraq - US Troop Withdrawal

September 21, 2008
US troops will be withdrawn from Iraq by 2011, eight years after the invasion which toppled Saddam Hussein. Inside Iraq discusses the possible long-term impacts.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Judaic Role in the Black Slave Trade

Presented by Michael A. Hoffman II

Prof. Tony Martin
Prof. Tony Martin


n this brilliant foray into the hidden dimensions of the chronicle of black servitude, Tony Martin, professor of African History at Wellesley College, lectures on the role of Judaics in the Trans-Atlantic slave trade, and the impact of racist rabbinic texts on the formation of the contemptuous view of Africans which led to the justification of their enslavement. Dr. Martin's speech is introduced by Michael A. Hoffman II who provides insight on recent scholarly developments concerning the "Curse of Ham."


Note: Brief concluding remarks are offered by historian David Irving.  


This blockbuster documentary, "The Judaic Role in the Black Slave Trade" by Tony Martin, Professor of African History at Wellesley College, has cost Mr. Martin a steep price for his failure to toe the party line on the Trans-Atlantic slave trade. Thought vastly more qualified and erudite than the likes of Henry Louis Gates and Thomas Sowell, Martin has been blacklisted and boycotted and kept off blue ribbon civil rights symposia both in the US and Britain, PBS broadcasts and syndicated columns. The Establishment's directive is ― silence Tony Martin! This obtains for both the Left and the Right wings of the Cryptocracy.

His offense? Courageously bearing witness to embarrassing truths about Judaism, which testify to a significant and in the case of the Caribbean and South America ― massive Judaic role in the black slave trade. Prof. Martin compounds this dangerous 'blasphemy' with heresy, by pointing to the sacred rabbinic texts and  
halacha (Judaic law)as the basis for the racist justification for black chattel servitude. Martin correctly points to the two major Judaic sources of this institutionalized anti-black contempt: the Midrash, a collection of rabbinic fairy tales alleged by prominent writers (Joseph Telushkin,James L. Kugel), to offer brilliant insights into obscure and enigmatic passages of the Old Testament; and the "Guide of the Perplexed"(in the Shlomo Pines translation--all other English
versions are redacted
), by Judaism's foremost rabbinic legal "codifier", the famous Rabbi Moses Maimonides, a.k.a. the "Rambam"(sounds like a parody of a Flintstones' character, but that's his moniker in Orthodox Judaism




September 17, 2008
MSNBC Keith Olbermann

Pundits weigh in on AIG bailout

September 17, 2008
Finance expert Suze Orman and political pundits react to the AIG bailout package by the federal government.

US Senators blame Russia for conflict

September 18, 2008
The Georgia-South Ossetia conflict has once again come under the spotlight at the U.S. Senate. Although the Senators continue to point the finger at Moscow as an aggressor some say Russia and its stance are difficult to ignore.

Best Chance for Bush Prosecution?

September 18, 2008
Charlotte Dennett is running for Attorney General for the state of Vermont. She has promised that if elected, she will pursue murder charges against George W. Bush, for the lies that led to the deaths of soldiers from Vermont in Iraq, appointing Vincent Bugliosi as a special prosecutor to handle the case.
Dennett's campaign website
Article - Vermont Candidate Pledges to Prosecute Bush
Press conference video with Dennett and Bugliosi

Bolivia's Morales faces opposition governors

September 19, 2008
Latin American leaders support Morales as talks begin in Bolivia between Morales and opposition governors


"Truth or consequence, say it aloud! Use that evidence, race it around!" - Foo Fighters: My Hero.
An awesome production from my friend Doug (Chewbacca2000).

State of The Union The greatest Financial Crash Ever!

Global Pulse - 09/18/08: Bail-Out

September 18, 2008
A global financial crisis forces central banks worldwide to rush in with taxpayer dollars. Will this change the way the world controls money?
SOURCES: Russia Today, Russia; Al Jazeera, Qatar; BBC, U.K.; Deutsche Welle, Germany; ABC News, U.S.; SABC, South Africa; CNN, U.S.; NHK News, Japan; BusinessWeek, U.S.

Rice wags finger at Russian isolationism

September 18, 2008
U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has warned Russia that its policies have put it on a path to isolation and irrelevance. Rice's speech at the German Marshall Fund event reflects a further deterioration in U.S.-Russian relations as opinions in the West remain split over Georgia's invasion of South Ossetia. Meanwhile, former presidential candidate Ron Paul disagreed with Rices statements. He accused the U.S. government of trying to stir up another Cold War driven by vested interests.

Governor Palin Refuses to Cooperate with Investigators

September 15, 2008
MSNBC Rachel Maddow Show

McCain/Obama/Washington SOLD TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER!!!

The national debt is now in excess of 9.5 trillion dollars. Your share is around 31k so if you have a family of 4 your families share is $124,000 before interest.

You have been SOLD to the highest bidder!


McCain's Green Economy: Drill, Baby, Drill

When it comes to the environment, John McCain only has the interests of Big Oil at heart. That's why he has over 22 Big Oil lobbyists advising him. That's why he favored lifting the moratorium on off-shore drilling -- a move that prompted Big Oil to donate over $1 million to his campaign. And thanks to the League of Conservation Voters, we've got the proof!

The senate will likely be voting next week on these issues. Please call Senator McCain's office in Washington (202-224-2235), and tell him to stop siding with Big Oil and start supporting clean energy. Make everyone aware of McCain's deep ties to Big Oil by forwarding this video to five people and telling them to do the same.

Patriot Act - US Citizen Jailed Without Evidence

The story of one US Citizen who was wrongfully detained without charges and later sentenced to jail without evidence. It is just one of the many examples of scapegoats produced by the ideological-hatred, indifference and incompetence reflected in both the 'under-the-table' Congressional agendas and the Bush Administration's controversial Patriot Act.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Report: Ibero-American Strategic Overview (Drug Trade vs Development)

Now we can replace Narco-Terrorists with Farmers.

American Drug War

The War on Drugs has become the longest and most costly war in American history, the question has become, how much more can the country endure? Inspired by the death of four family members from "legal drugs" Texas filmmaker Kevin Booth sets out to discover why the Drug War has become such a big failure. Three and a half years in the making the film follows gang members, former DEA agents, CIA officers, narcotics officers, judges, politicians, prisoners and celebrities. Most notably the film befriends Freeway Ricky Ross; the man many accuse for starting the Crack epidemic, who after being arrested discovered that his cocaine source had been working for the CIA. AMERICAN DRUG WAR shows how money, power and greed have corrupted not just dope fiends but an entire government. More importantly, it shows what can be done about it. This is not some 'pro-drug' stoner film, but a collection of expert testimonials from the ground troops on the front lines of the drug war, the ones who are fighting it and the ones who are living it. Written by Kevin Booth

TR-3B Stryker II (Black Manta) Stealth attack aircraft

Flight Sim with Aurora Project teaser near the end!

A friend said, he would never forget the sight of the alien looking TR-3B based at Papoose. The pitch black, triangular shaped TR-3B was rarely mentioned--and then, only in hushed whispers--at the Groom Lake facility where he worked. The craft had flown over the Groom Lake runway in complete silence and magically stopped above Area S-4. It hovered silently in the same position, for some 10 minutes, before gently settling vertically to the tarmac. At times a corona of silver blue light glowed around the circumference of the massive TR-3B. The operational model is 600 feet across.

War vet running for President. Has anything changed much since the last time?

September 15, 2008
Like News - John McCain


September 16, 2008
Biden: "Why didn't John McCain do something to help Middle-Class people? Our tax plan would take the $130 Billion dollar tax cut John McCain wants to give to the wealthy and give it to the Middle-Class, the very people who desperately need it. We would also invest $70 billion dollars in infrastructure - new bridges, roads airports, ports...New jobs making good money. Give some help to the Middle-Class... The middle-class should not have to wait for some imaginary prosperity to "trickle down" from the wealthy!

Russian markets plunge

September 18, 2008
Russia's stock exchanges remain closed on Thursday following a heavy sell-off which sent the value of shares plummeting. The Finance Ministry has taken urgent steps to support the markets by offeri...
Russia's stock exchanges remain closed on Thursday following a heavy sell-off which sent the value of shares plummeting. The Finance Ministry has taken urgent steps to support the markets by offering liquidity to state-owned banks.

Ron Paul Blasts Secret Government Running Economy

Congressman Ron Paul has issued a stinging address concerning the financial crisis in which he outlines how the current economic problems, created via malinvestment and shift to a debt based economy, are now being mismanaged by private interests in secret.

Whats more he says he is not sure the Federal Reserve has any idea what to do next and that the Congress is totally oblivious to the whole sorry state of affairs - a cocktail of elements he warns puts the middle class of America in serious jeopardy.

Stock Market Crash Update

September 17, 2008
last video before the crash

US may assault Iran via Georgia

The U.S. military could have plans to use Georgian air bases to launch air strikes against Iran, according to Russias envoy to NATO Dmitry Rogozin. He pointed out that Georgia would be the perfect base for a potential U.S. operation in Iran.


September 18, 2008

Lieberman And His Censorship

YouTube is being FORCED by the federal government to impose censorship.It's "Force or Violence" to promote a religious, social or political belief. Under this law if you stop someone on the street and hand them a Bible you can be considered a TERRORIST. If you advocate action against a corporation or the government you can be considered a TERRORIST. If we don't stop this here at YouTube and raise a HUGE CONCERN right now - they will pass S1959.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Seeds of Destruction: The Hidden Agenda of Genetic Manipulation

The Geopolitics of GM Food

F. William Engdahl
The present debate over the nature of biotechnology and genetic modification of basic food such as maize or soybeans, misses the most essential point. The conversion of world agriculture by a small elite of biotech companies, most US-based, has little to do with corporate greed. It has very much to do with geopolitics and plans of some people to control world population growth over the coming decades.

The nature of American power projection in the world today rests on the development of key strategic advantages which no other combination of nations can challenge, what the Pentagon planners term, "full spectrum dominance." This includes global military dominance. It includes dominance of the world's limited, and rapidly depleting petroleum supplies. It includes control of the world's reserve currency, the dollar. And today it most definitely includes future control of world agriculture through control of GM patents and GM crops.

Before the end of the decade, if present trends continue, US global dominance will be based on control of the food supply of most of this planet, far more than military or even energy control. The geopolitical dimension of this prospect bears careful examination.

Global Financial Meltdown

Michel Chossudovsky
Bloody Monday, September 15, 2008. The Dow Jones industrial average (DJIA) declined by 504 points (4.4%), its largest drop since Sept. 17, 2001, when trading resumed after the 9/11 attacks.

The financial slide proceeded unabated, leading to an 800 point decline of the Dow Jones in less than a week. The World's stock markets are interconnected "around the clock" through instant computer link-up. Volatile trading on Wall Street immediately "spills over" into the European and Asian stock markets thereby rapidly permeating the entire financial system.

The Most Serious Financial Crisis since the 1929 Wall Street Crash
When viewed in a global context, taking into account the instability generated by speculative trade, the implications of this crisis are far-reaching.

The crisis, however, has by no means reached its climax. It could potentially disrupt the very foundations of the international monetary system. The repercussions on people's lives in America and around the world are dramatic.

The crisis is not limited to the meltdown of financial markets, the real economy at the national and international levels, its institutions, its productive structures are also in crisis.

As stock values collapse, lifelong household savings are eroded, not to mention pension funds.

The financial meltdown inevitably backlashes on consumer markets, the housing market, and more broadly on the process of investment in the production of goods and services.