Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Gadhafi orders air strikes on protesters, hundreds dead in Libya

February 22, 2011
Libyans are digging their heels in protests in key cities - despite the violent response from the police as they try to curb the anti-government demonstrations. World leaders are rounding on Libyan authorities - calling for an immediate end to the clashes. Increasing numbers of protesters are demanding for an end to the 41-year rule of Colonel Gaddafi. Hundreds have been killed and over a thousand injured during a week of unrest, with reports of airstrikes from the country's own military on Monday. Rumours spread that the Libyan leader had fled the trouble, but Gaddafi later made a brief and defiant TV appearance saying he was still in the country. One of his sons blamed exiles and outsiders for pushing Libya to the brink of civil war, and denied that live ammunition was being used on demonstrators. Some Libyan ambassadors have quit over the use of force on civilians in protest, and want the UN to intervene.


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