Saturday, January 23, 2016

Covert Operations & The Exchange Stabilization Fund & Its History

June 3, 2011
by Eric deCarbonnel

After months of work, the video series on the Treasury's Exchange Stabilization Fund is finally finished!

Why you should watch these five videos:

It is impossible to understand the world today without knowing what the ESF is and what it has been doing. Officially in charge of defending the dollar, the ESF is the government agency which controls the New York Fed, runs the CIA's black budget, and is the architect of the world's monetary system (IMF, World Bank, etc). ESF financing (through the OSS and then the CIA) built up the worldwide propaganda network which has so badly distorted history today (including erasing awareness of its existence from popular consciousness). It has been directly involved in virtually every major US fraud/scandal since its creation in 1934: the London gold pool, the Kennedy assassinations, Iran-Contra, CIA drug trafficking, HIV, and worse...

These five videos are the "answer" I have arrived at after three years of blogging on They took me a month and a half to make (and months of research). You will not find the material covered anywhere else. So if you enjoyed them.

The Exchange Stabilization Fund & Its History

Saturday, October 03, 2015

The Future of Energy • The Searl Effect Generator (SEG)

The Searl Effect Generator (SEG) functions along the principles of a linear induction motor (LIM), but designed around a circular track for continuous motion of movable rotors. It is a magnetic prime mover of electromagnetic multi-phased cylindrical rollers over fixed stator rings and free of any mechanical wear or friction.

The SEG’s stators and rollers are magnetic components uniquely magnetized or imprinted with matching magnetic pole patterns. While the neodymium layer serves as a source or reservoir of electron charges that are drawn out by electromagnetic induction. These redial currents though the rollers makes for mechnical motion at right angles to both the electric and magnetic fields.

The SEG configuration of rollers in motion, cuts through the magnetic flux with a unique cycloid pattern that is superimposed over an orbit around the circumference of the stator. In this manner, each roller can also induce eddy currents of mutual induction between the copper surfaces to form a frictionless ‘magnetic bearing’ as it generates radial electrical potentials. Frictionless operation enables the SEG to operate without physical wear and thus enabling it to operate with a service expectancy of a lifetime.

The Host and The Parasite: How Israel's Fifth Column Consumed America

The U.S. republic founded in 1776 bears no resemblance to the anti-democratic police state that has declared war on its citizens, and provokes needless wars in the Middle East at the behest of Israel. At the center of it all is the parasitic control of the Israel Lobby on the U.S. government. The Host and The Parasite shows how the Lobby, evangelical Christians and neo-cons rode to power in the 1980s and proceeded to turn the United States into Israel's willing executioner.

Greg Felton is an investigative journalist specializing in the Middle East, Canadian politics, the media and language. He holds a Master's Degree in political science from the University of British Columbia and speaks French, Russian and Mandarin. For six years he wrote a political column for the monthly Arabic/English Canadian Arab News, and his articles have appeared on,,,, and in Middle East Times, Tehran Times, and other publications.

The minority ( those who think and care ) consider the majority to be a ' flock of sheeps '...I think this is an insult...To the sheep, of course...Because the real sheep KNOW who the sheepdog and WHO the wolves is/are...The Hegelian Principle - Greatest tool of the elite - helps explain how the powerful got that way...A method to gain power/status/money through conflict. Thesis - Antithesis - Synthesis ( Zionism - Islam - One World Government, One World Religion...N.W.O )...Problem ( 9/11 ) - Reaction ( fear, panic, hatred against Muslims ) - Solution ( invade Afghanistan, Iraq and other Countries, Patriot Act, N.D.A.A, etc. ). Please read Antony C. Sutton books ( ' America's Secret Establishment ', ' An Introduction to the Order ', ' How the Order Controls Education ', etc. ), to understand Stupidity Became a Virtue in what was ' the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave ' ( NOW " land of the fee and home of the slave "...)...
The Host and The Parasite: How Israel's Fifth Column Consumed America