Monday, February 21, 2011

Soros - 'Murdoch the Real Puppet Master'

February 21, 2011
More Illuminati In-fighting!!!

Rupert Murdoch is the real "puppet master", according to legendary investor George Soros, who appeared on CNN to answer criticism aired on Murdoch's Fox News.

The billionaire answered Fox broadcaster Glenn Beck's attack on him: "I would be amused if people saw the joke in it -- because what he is doing, he is projecting what Fox, what Rupert Murdoch, is doing," Soros said of a Beck allegation that he is the "puppet master" of a media empire. Murdoch "has a media empire that is telling the people some falsehoods and leading the government in the wrong direction", he said.

"By accusing me of doing that, it... makes it rather hard to see that he is working for the man that is doing it," he said of Mr Beck.


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