Wednesday, January 09, 2013

1/8/2013 -- Sandy Hook Tribute to the Victims Twitter / Tweet From 1 month before event

dutchsince Jan 8, 2013 UPDATE: This video (was on my main page) ..vimeo videos CAN be 'reloaded' , thus the time stamps on vimeo are not a good focus point! The twitter feed should be our main proof , if there is any to be had. Took this video down (on the main channel) due to being possibly wrong on the vimeo angle. However, the video AND the tweet have now been deleted by the uploader -- thus we have no clickable proof anymore.. Thank God 10,000+ people saw the Twitter links today, and many took screenshots. I'm reuploading here (on my backup channel) for reference, so you can see events as they unfolded. At this point, I'm disregarding the time stamps on Vimeo, since people CAN backdate videos there.... throw out the vimeo time , its irrelevant at this point. The Twitter feed, which also showed the title of Sandy Hook, that is another story , as well as the fundraiser sites we found yesterday (1/7/2013).. The twitter feeds and google time stamps on the fundraisers, those cannot be faked, changed, or altered by the end user. more information below this video here:


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