Saturday, July 14, 2012

Psychopaths - Demons, Dreams and Archetypes - The Shaman and The Scientist

Jul 14, 2012
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Ever Heard Of The Hundredth Monkey Effect?...

As we approach the latter months of 2012, we find ourselves in a time of extreme significance!

The time of blind subservience, trickery and wickedness is dying as we arrive at this exciting juncture in humanity's journey of evolution!

Some of us have long been aware and preparing for the transition we are currently going through and others are just beginning to feel the subtle changes in the 'air'! The important factor is that we are remembering our function in the divine cosmos.

As the age of revealing draws closer to shine a wondrous light on the true nature of our being, the rapidly heightening vibrations of cosmic consciousness are spreading across the planet like wildfire, breaking the barriers of illusory limitation as we are 'reactivated'.

Some believe that we are the minority; the few in a world where the masses exist in a constant trance state, but be assured, the 'few', through love, understanding, perception and positive intent are harmonising with the earths heart resonance, creating an equilibrium as evolution takes its natural path towards critical mass at an ever-quickening pace!.

Expansion and unity is on the horizon, true freedom and responsibility are within our grasp and we are becoming what we once were!

We invite you all to share a day of age-old sacred knowledge, ancient wisdom and spiritual insight as we dive into the waves of the 'Esoteric Agenda!'

With a handpicked line up of incredible speakers each extremely conversant with the different aspects of mysticism, esotericism,symbolism, art, spiritual sciences, harmonics, resonance, sacred language, human origin and much more! we guarantee this will be an amazing day, you will surely remember!


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