Thursday, July 26, 2012

Dr Chris Busby: Radioactivity in apartment in central Tokyo!

Dr Busby describes measurements made on an air conditioning unit filterfrom inside an apartment in central Tokyo. This was sent by a lady in Tokyo who wanted to know if it was safe to live there. The filter only collected air from inside the apartment. It shows the presence of 130000Bq/kg radio Cesium in the dust plus enriched Uranium and for the first time Lead-210/Polonium-210. The apartment was evacuated.

Tuesday after the catastrophe and the machine switched off; family returned 5 months later. This and much other information about the health effects and cover ups, including leaked data are to be found in Dr Busby's new book in Japanese: the Horror of Fukushima, published on 25th July by Kodansha in Tokyo
Have put this together omitting few second to fit in 15 min limit.


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