Friday, March 16, 2012

Attack Dogs used on a High School Walkout in MD

Mar 16, 2012
Free speech has come under attack at Occupy encampments from coast to coast. We've seen states like Georgia and Wisconsin try to restrict it - through either banning union picketing or requiring a permit to hold demonstrations or face arrest. Now - this war on one of our most fundamental rights is coming to a high school near you. On March 1st - students at Northwestern High School - just up the road in Hyattsville, Maryland tried to organize a walkout in support of increasing teacher pay and improving the quality of education at the school. They also wanted an apology issued to Filipino teachers who will lose their jobs because of expired visas. However - when the students tried to walk out - the school had police and administrators block the doors. Students were shoved and hit in the chaos - and attack dogs were waiting in the school parking lot for any students that may have gotten outside. Joining me now to discuss the school's attack on the freedom of speech are Ashley Pinder - Shane James and Erin James- students at Northwestern High School who were part of the planned walk-out.


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