Sunday, January 22, 2012

CNN Ignores Ron Paul Again in Latest Debate: Infowars Nightly News

Jan 21, 2012
• In the news segment, guest host Rob Dew covers the coming age of cyborgs, as living brains have now been implanted with electronic chips to replace 'faulty'-- i.e. mortal-- parts. Scientists hope it will signal the cures for degenerative diseases like Parkinson's, but is it the beginning of the end for humanity as we know it? Other efforts have long ago been launched to push chipping humans with RFID chips for the purpose of tracking and tracing the population under a high-tech control grid.

• Even as proponents of a free Internet have made efforts this week to block draconian legislation to control the web under the guise of protecting copyright, the Supreme Court has ruled that many works already in the public domain can again be put under copyright. This is a threat to the public's free speech rights and the ability to share alike in the creative works of artists who are in many cases already deceased.

• Tragically, a French research team has discovered that leukemia rates among children double for those living in close proximity to nuclear power plants. Their finding have been published in the International Journal of Cancer, and draw attention to the future of nuclear, even as the global fallout over the Fukushima meltdown continues to threaten lives, particularly among vulnerable newborns.

• Ahead of the South Carolina primary taking place tomorrow (Saturday), four conservative State Senators in South Carolina have come forward to endorse Ron Paul in what continues to be a movement back towards liberty-- much more than just a campaign for elected office. Initial results in a Newsday poll show that Ron Paul overwhelmingly won the South Carolina debate hosted by CNN, even as the media focused in on Newt's reaction to scandals in his personal life.

Is Gingrich's support base really out there, or just a figment of the corporate media's imagination? Newt Gingrich still leads in many polls for the South Carolina primary, but how? Yet another Gingrich campaign event was canceled due to poor attendance. The AP reported that the candidate stepped down from a speaking engagement with the Southern Republican Leadership.


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