Saturday, November 05, 2011

The E-Cat in Politics — Will Any Candidate Mention Rossi’s Invention?

November 4, 2011
Adapted from a post published on this site on May 20th.

Most of the discussion surrounding Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat has focused on the scientific aspects, and the future commercialization of the technology. Sooner or later, however, if this device is indeed a new and improved source of energy it will be discussed in the political realm.

We’ve now seen a spate of articles from well known media sources introducing Andrea Rossi’s energy catalyzer to the public, and it’s interesting that this is happening just as the United States 2012 campaign season begins to get into full swing. One of the biggest campaign issues in this election cycle is energy policy. Already a number of candidates have put out plans to reduce America’s dependence on foreign sources of energy. On the Republican side, candidates seem to see more domestic production of oil and gas as being necessary, while Democratic candidates seem to be pushing for more investment in green technologies.

What will politicians do when faced with the prospect of working cold fusion E-Cat technology that can produce clean, plentiful energy very cheaply? read more


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