Tuesday, September 13, 2011

9/11 First Responders Getting Sicker

PowerinNumbers2012 on Sep 13, 2011
These Brave men and women are still getting sick through their brave efforts on and after 9/11.They were told the air was safe to breathe, and because of that lie, they are paying the price to this day. Many first responders have already died and many more are seriously ill, these brave people worked day and night to search for anyone who may have been trapped and they have not even received a thank you. Instead they were left to get sicker, these heroes deserve the full support and help of their government, but instead they are left to die.

Ken George was a 9/11 search and rescue worker whose health has been declining. George is using oxygen to assist him with his breathing and he's not one of only a few first responders who have either died from cancer or are living with it now. These brave heroes blame the sickness on the dust that was inhaled after the Twin Towers collapsed. Ken George gives us a firsthand account of the hardships they have been coping with since 9/11.


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