Sunday, March 13, 2011

Congressman Kucinich Sees an Ascendant Labor Movement in Mad

UpTakeVideo on Mar 12, 2011
Video by Chuck Olsen Following his appearance as part of an all-star progressive lineup at the Barrymore Theatre in Madison tonight, Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich (Dem.) spoke to The UpTake's Jacob Wheeler about the resurgent labor movement in Wisconsin and elsewhere, and how it has slumbered in the past 17 years since the North American Free Trade Agreement was signed in 1994. Kucinich lamented what little the Democratic Party has done to support organized labor, and chastised President Obama for not being here to lead the movement. Kucinich expressed worry that his home state of Ohio — which just passed similar union-busting legislation — will soon be "selling everything that's not nailed down". In light of the fact that a Democratic president in the White House has yet to set a timetable for ending the war in Afghanistan, Kucinich continues to press for a "Department of Peace" to replace the "Defense Department".


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