Wednesday, March 28, 2007

"WTC Body Parts in Landfill — 9-11 Part 5"



Were all body parts painstakingly picked up and preserved during the Ground Zero cleanup operation? It may have been an impossible task, given the condition of the site. However, could they have done a better job? Was it more important to complete the cleanup operation than to find every single remain, regardless of size?


Inside Story From the Men Who Cleaned up The Mess from 911.

Marked as: "Some information may offend any person with family involved in this mess."

Video Transcript:


"Did the cleanup crew remove and preserve every body parts [sic] found at ground zero?"

Interviewee: (cleanup worker at 9/11 ground zero — intermixed with background images of clean up, memorial and similar 9/11 images)

"Yeah, they made us do that until the end. Towards the end. That's when the people protested. That we were just loadin' them in, because they were finding most of the parts at the landfill." [Fresh Kills Landfill]

[audio cut?]

"That's when everything started slowing down."

[audio cut?]

"We just loaded trucks. Full of... of body parts. For a month and a half, there... there was no stations. That we didn't even know that we loaded, because our grapples and the machinery was so big, that it just blended in with the pile. We didn't know."

[video cut]

"The... the second day I was there, when I was, when — it might have been not the second day — but it, at least a week when I was there, I had a charred head hit my windshield... of my excavator — and I screamed like a woman."

[video cut]

"Um, another thing that happened down there, that, that really, completely messed me up, and, and I'm sorry to say, Mayor Giuliani let the families of the cops and the firemen down there for closure. And while we're going through — sifting through — all the debris, we find a, uh, port authority cop. We have people screaming, 'That's my husband!' or the kids crying, and the whole deal. And I went to the DDC, um, Charlie was in charge, um, I don't know his last name, but he was from the Mayor's — it's called, uh, Disaster Control."

[video cut]

"And I went to Charlie and said, 'You cannot do this to us, because we have enough just to bag the bodies. You cannot bring families down here for closure while we're, we're doing this, because, it, it affects us just to do what we're doin'.'"

[video cut]

"And let me tell you something, if I had to do it all over again, I always tell myself I would — well, I wouldn't."



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